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Fill in the blanks: a classic question type

As a teacher, you're always looking for new and exciting ways to engage your students in the classroom. One powerful tool that can achieve this goal is fill in the blanks questions. Whether you're using fill in the blanks worksheets, or a fill in the blanks game, this question type offers a host of benefits that can help your students learn, recall, and retain important information.

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Add fill in the blanks questions to all your quizzes, worksheets, homework, assignments, and lessons on Quizizz.

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Create your own questions or import fill in the blanks questions from our library of over 30M activities created by our teacher community on Quizizz.

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Import fill in the blanks questions from your spreadsheets and Google Forms straight into your Quizizz activity with just one click.

What makes fill in the blanks questions a must-have?

Fill in the blanks questions check several boxes on your list of learning goals. Here’s how our fill in the blanks quiz maker can add value to your worksheets.

Assess understanding

By requiring students to fill the blanks in your worksheet with missing information, you can easily see whether they have a grasp of the material or if they need further instruction.

This can be especially useful when you're using fill in the blank word games, as they provide a fun and interactive way for students to apply their knowledge.

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Develop critical thinking

When students think about the missing information and how it relates to the rest of the sentence or paragraph, they are encouraged to engage with the material on a deeper level.

This can lead to a better understanding of the subject matter and can help students retain the information for longer periods of time.

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Gamify learning

Fill in the blanks questions can also be a great way to make learning fun.

For instance, creative assignments like fill in the blanks stories can amp up student engagement and motivation, which can in turn lead to better learning outcomes.

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Fill in the blanks (and more!) with Quizizz

Quizizz enables you to effortlessly create fill in the blanks games and quizzes so you can easily track student growth and progress. With Quizizz, your fill in the blanks questions are also supplemented by --

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Multiple Question Types

Quizizz offers you eleven different question types to choose from, including Drag and Drop, Match and Reorder, Draw, Open-ended, Poll, and Drop-down.

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Audio-Visual Engagement

Include videos, gifs, and audio clips to your Quizizz activities, so you can target all the learning styles and preferences of your students.

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Lightning-quick Reports

With our insightful reports and graphs, you get detailed and tangible data at your fingertips, so you can meet your students exactly where they are.