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Track student performance in quizzes by measuring accuracy, scores, time taken, and more!

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Tracing progress with reports cards

A thoughtfully designed report card tells us a story. It records every significant step of a student’s learning journey. And, it provides a simple and efficient way of sharing this journey with parents, guardians, and other teachers. 

With online report cards, representing a student’s learning curve has never been easier. Not only are online progress reports automatically generated, but they also capture a wealth of detail. From scores per test attempt to the time taken for each question, online reports focus on all the data points needed to support your classroom. 

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Zoom in with report cards on Quizizz 

Quizizz enables you to generate report cards for school that are packed with insights. Tap into these reports to lean more about your students’ performance in every live quiz, homework, or assignment.

View individual results

Access detailed breakdowns of each of your students' performances. View individual accuracy levels, points, game scores, and time taken to attempt each question.

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View results for each attempt

Quizizz provides distinct reports for each attempt made by your students. It also displays data based on overall class performance in each question within the quiz.

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View accuracy per standard

Tag the questions in your quiz to different topics and state standards. Quizizz enables you to view results specific to these standards and check for learning milestones 

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Zoom out with progress reports on Quizizz

Online report cards on Quizizz empower you to zoom out and view the big picture of your classroom’s performance. It also enables you to take charge of your data so you can sort, filter, and modify your reports as you go.

A report showing an overview of the class' performance

Access longitudinal growth graphs

Measure your students’ performances over time and across activities via Longitudinal Growth Graphs. These graphs illustrate the overall progress made by your classroom as they attempt various quizzes and assignments.

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Grade responses manually

With Quizizz reports, higher-order thinking responses can be evaluated manually using scaled grades. This is especially beneficial for responses that are based on opinions or discussions.

A laptop screen displaying a Quizizz report with an overview of students' performance

Organise your insights

Quizizz enables you to manage your data quickly and efficiently by filtering and sorting your reports on the basis of ownership, status, classes, accuracy, score, submission time, and more.

Share and sync report cards with ease 

Reports are most useful when they’re easily accessible by all stakeholders. With Quizizz, a single click enables you to –

Download and print reports for all attempts 

Share reports with fellow educators on Quizizz

Sync report card grades with your preferred LMS

Share reports with  parents or guardians

Do more with Quizizz report cards 

On Quizizz, progress report templates extend beyond numbers and grades. A Quizizz report for a live quiz or homework also enables you to --

Nudge students to reattempt: Prompt students who would benefit from additional practice to reattempt a homework quiz, without notifying their peers. 

Edit running activities: Modify the content or activity settings for your running homework quizzes straight from your reports.  

View quiz as flashcards: Turn your quiz into an interactive session for revision by displaying your questions and answers as flashcards.  

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