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Why create flashcards online? 

Whether it’s for learning a new chapter or revising for a big test, flashcards are a student’s best friend. Not only do they help with understanding concepts and topics, but they also improve recall. Flashcards rely on the practice of spaced repetition. This allows students to reinforce learning by recalling information at regular intervals. 

Online flashcards take this a step further by enabling students to practice anytime, anywhere, using any device. As a bonus, they’re also quick, easy, and free to create with online flashcard makers.

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The quizzes you create can double up as flashcards on Quizizz, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Your students can choose to play a quiz as it is or turn the questions into flashcards that they can flip to view answers. The flashcard maker on Quizizz offers you the option to – 

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Create your own flashcards

Create a quiz on any topic and for any grade group using question types like Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blanks.

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Share flashcards from the library

Browse through the Quizizz library consisting of over 3M activities and select quizzes to share as flashcards with your students.

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Import from other flashcards

Import questions from other quizzes, Google Forms, and spreadsheets to create a unique set of flashcards for your classroom.

Create engaging flashcards for every subject

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Where functionality meets fun

Quizizz empowers you to create flashcards that are not only effective tools for practice, but are also fun and engaging to work with. Add images, audio clips, and video clips to turn your flashcards into an interactive experience. 

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Flashcards from A to Z 

On Quizizz, you can tap into the free flashcard maker to create flashcards for any subject or topic of your choice. From multiplication flashcards for Math class to vocabulary flashcards for Spanish lessons, there’s something here for everyone. 

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The Quizizz Library consists of thousands of quizzes that can be accessed as flashcards to enable independent practice and mastery. Here’s where you can sample them! Simply click on ‘Preview’ and select the ‘Flashcards’ option to get started.