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How does this work?

Join our Teacher Panel to take a look and experience the stuff we are building. Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback on what exactly you would need to make Quizizz better for you and your students. 

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We want you to give us feedback on what we’re building. This would help us create better Quizizz tools for every teacher and learner.

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Speak with a researcher over a video call and share your experiences, ideas, and feedback (and criticisms too!) You could also record a short video and share it with us to have the same impact. 

3. What do you get?

The power to influence, improve, challenge, and steer the direction of a learning platform with your voice. Also, a gift card and lots of gratitude from all of us here at Quizizz.

What happens next?

Sign up here, answer a few questions about yourself and we’ll reach out to you shortly! The world is our oyster and you could be anywhere across the world!

P.S. We value the time you share with us. We promise not to spam you.

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