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Open-Ended Questions on Quizizz

Improve students’ creativity and higher-order thinking with open-ended questions on Quizizz!

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What are open-ended questions?

Open-ended questions do not have a fixed answer and encourage students to use their creativity and critical thinking skills. Use open-ended questions in your assessments to encourage students to think deeply, express their ideas, and explore different perspectives.

Some examples of open-ended questions

"What do you think the author is trying to say in this passage?"

"How do you think this character is feeling?"

"How would you have worked through this challenge?"

"How would you solve this problem?"

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"What do you think are possible solutions?"

"Why do you think this happened?"

"What are some challenges you might face in the future with regard to this issue?"

How do you think this concept relates to your own experiences?"

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Open-Ended Questions Make Assessments Powerful

Open-ended questions are an effective tool to promote student engagement, critical thinking, and learning. They help students develop their ability to express their ideas clearly and support their ideas with evidence and reasoning.

Open-ended questions on Quizizz enable you to assess and modify your instruction.

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Enable student engagement

Use Quizizz to create open-ended questions and provide a text-box for your students to type their responses.

This encourages students to share their thoughts and experiences in their own words and empowers you to assess their understanding in a more flexible way.

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Measure student understanding

You can also customize your grade for an open-ended question based on your students’ level of understanding as depicted by their answers.

For example, calculus requires students to show their work, and ELA requires students to write long-form answers to justify their stance on a topic.

Use open-ended questions on Quizizz to

Enable Critical and Creative Thinking

Encourage and Enhance Empathy

Stimulate Problem-Solving Skills

Measure higher-order thinking skills

Craft assessments using multiple question types

In this classic activity, learners can complete sentences by filling in the blanks with the right answers.

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Ask your students to reorder a set of jumbled options in ascending, descending, or chronological order.

A screen displaying four options that can be arranged in the correct order

Present learners with the opportunity to select one or more correct answers from a list of options.

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Gamify your assessment with shuffled text and images that your students can pair together.

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Choose between a plain background or an image and watch as students give shape to their thoughts with colors, highlighters, and more.

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Motivate learners to think critically by dragging and dropping the right options to complete a sentence.

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Let students take center stage with video responses so you can assess their presentation skills.

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Check the pulse of your classroom with a fun poll or vote.

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Use Lessons to create an instructor-led experience where slides and multimedia are combined with quiz and poll questions.

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Engage your students’ higher order thinking skills and encourage them to dig deep with open-ended questions.

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Analyze speaking skills by allowing students to voice their answers using the audio response feature.

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Prompt your students to choose between a set of drop-down options to fill out the blanks in a piece of text.

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With Quizizz you can also

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Assign customised grades

Assess your students' understanding using a scaled grade.

Meters showing varying levels of progress for different students

Improve critical thinking skills

Encourage students to justify their stance on challenging concepts.

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Measure and celebrate progress

Measure overall class and individual student's growth with detailed reports.