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April 5, 2024

We Went to the Lab for Spring Break

We've got four exciting new features to save teachers time, and help every student succeed!

🏖️ The beach is cool, but finding ways to meet your teaching needs is more our speed. Here are four new features from our lab that give you the break you deserve.

1) Accommodation Profiles

Close gaps and open doors for every learner. Assign one Quiz for the entire class while selecting which students require specific accommodations, such as Extra Time or Dyslexia Font. Differentiate with ease, please. 🏄

2) Quizizz AI for Worksheets

No need to workout—let Quizizz AI do the heavy lifting. Upload any file or image, and watch Quizizz AI digitize and convert it into a customizable Quiz. 🌴

3) Interactive Video Questions

We made a new dance to get students in a learning rhythm—Watch. Pause. Answer. Assess. Smoother than a two-step, our Interactive Video Question embeds incremental checks-for-understanding, and students answer while they watch. 💃

4) Qbits with Coins

Fashion, financial responsibility, and student engagement are the season’s hottest looks—and Qbit is rocking all three with Coins. Students can earn daily tokens, save up, and shop for new clothes and accessories for their Qbits. Money management has never been this cool (and cute). 🌊

☀️ Fun in the sun is a great way to spend Spring Break, but creating these new features in the lab to lighten your workload and give back your weekends is time well spent. Feel free to share these ‘souvenirs’ with your community. 

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