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June 21, 2024

Empowering Multilingual Learners: Webinar Recap & Recording

Learn the best tools to help MLL students show what they know and succeed.

MLL. ELL. ESL. ESOL, ELD...the list goes on!

There seems to a dozen different acronyms to name this area of education, but successfully teaching multilingual students can focus on three main strategies:

💜 Offer the right accommodations to level the playing field

📚 Align content to standards to prepare for state exams (WIDA, TELPAS, ELD)

🏡 Make strong school/home connections to support students and their families throughout the academic journey

Positive session feedback for the win!

All this and more was covered during the 'Empowering Multilingual Learners' webinar. The event not only featured a former ELL teacher now with Team Quizizz, but also a guest presenter who serves as an instructional coach in Texas and was an English Language Learner as a student herself.

Check out the Quizizz Lesson presentation and/or the webinar recording to see how the platform helps bring the above strategies to life and enables language learners to thrive.

Click to view the webinar recording

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