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June 19, 2024

Quizizz PD, but make it a PARTY!

Snag the event recap & recording...and then go celebrate summer break!

School may be finished, but hundreds of educators flocked to this fun and fast end-of-year PD...and it wasn't just for the chance to win a custom Stanley. (Although honestly, how cool are they?!)

Be sure to follow Felisa Ford, Alana Colabella, and Kyle Niemis

The event's three speakers, all former teachers now with Team Quizizz, ran through a set of three of the latest and greatest resources on the platform to save you time, and boost students' learning experience. Kyle kicked the session off by reminding folks of how far Quizizz has come as a platform, and emphasizing the all-in-one capabilities that are possible today:

As the PD Party continued, feedback in the chat seemed as hot as this summer's forecast. Presentation highlights included

☀️ Top 5 ways to create resources with Quizizz AI (8:13)

🍉 Ways to assess—more than Quizzes (18:52)

🌻 Quizizz Accommodations (29:05)

Zip through these segments before you head to the pool, or relax in the air conditioning with the whole recording if that's your vibe. Either way, thanks for tuning in for this exciting end to the school year. Have a super summer!😎

View the webinar recording

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