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November 29, 2023

🚀 Top 5 new Quizizz Student Motivators!

Discover Quizizz's newest features, including interactive game modes and all new teacher to student interactions, bringing fresh excitement and motivation to your classroom!
Strike and Shield Newest Game Mode

Students must answer consecutive questions correctly to gain the ability to Strike their peers or Shield themselves!

  • Strike: Allows students to deduct points from peers
  • Shield: Allows students to defend against a strike on their score

The perfect balance of strategy, competition, and added motivation to get questions correct, is making Strike and Shield a classroom favorite!

Where can I find this: Start any live game and select Strike and Shield as the game mode under Classic.

Teacher Power-Ups

Now, teachers can join the Quizizz fun! Use Teacher Power Ups to boost student scores, glitch their systems, or speed up the game!

Where can I find this: Teachers, a rocket button on the bottom left during any live classic game opens up the Teacher Power-Ups menu for you!

Mastery Peak Hidden Gems: Learn more

Customize your Mastery Peak Avatar: Equip your avatar with top gear, helmets, clothes, and more, as they embark on an epic journey, scaling the peaks of knowledge!

Mini games: as you climb up the Mastery Peak, find Quizizz Mini games on your way to the summit🏔

  • Bat Cave🦇: Battle menacing bats to move to the next level 
  • NEW Circle Wars 🟤: Showcase your circle-drawing prowess 
  • NEW Find your Essentials 🔎: Test your memory and match your climbing essentials
  • Landslide 🪨: Steer clear of falling rocks by dodging them

Where can I find this: Start any live game and select Mastery Peak as the game mode.

Brain Gym 🧠

Looking to give those students to finish their tasks earlier than the rest of the class a little something to do while they wait? Now they can partake in our brain gym!

  • Games include a memory game called Find Your Essentials, plus games like Unscramble the Word and Quick Trivia coming soon.

Where can I find this: All students can see the Brain Gym on the top right on the student summary page when they finish an activity.

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