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May 17, 2024

The Scoop on Summer School

🍨Four reasons to make Quizizz your go-to tool for summer learning.💜

Even worse than bug bites and sweltering heat, summer school may be students’ least favorite part of the season. Time is tight, pressure is high, and unfortunately, motivation is often low.

On the other hand, by using resources designed to boost engagement and achievement, educators can change this narrative and promote more positive summer learning experiences.

While Quizizz has been a top choice for intervention and enrichment for years, the latest AI and Accommodations updates make the platform even more of a must-use summer school tool. To easily integrate Quizizz into your summer learning sessions, learn more below about the best NEW practices to help your students succeed.

Catching Rays & Closing Achievement Gaps: How to make summer school fun and impactful

Not only is Quizizz data-driven and standards-aligned—two necessities on the path to progress—but it’s fast and flexible for teachers, plus engaging and accessible for students.

In EdWeek's, “Do I Really Have to Go to Summer School? How to Get Students to Change Their Minds,” California teacher Larry Ferlazzo challenges districts to consider one key question:

How should your summer school program look so students actually want to attend?

Let’s dive in on this concept by breaking down the four areas where Quizizz can make a splash in your summer school class:

🍦FAST: Quizizz AI

Lesson planning can take hours, but if there’s ever a time for teachers to work smarter not harder, it’s summer. Quizizz AI Create, Enhance, and Analyze help educators plan in seconds, not weekends. Besides the teacher benefits, student will appreciate the more dynamic, relevant, and interactive material. Take the next 90 seconds to learn more:

Like what you see so far? Let's get more specific. This playlist provides quick and simple videos on easy AI shortcuts (like the ones below) to streamline summer school lesson planning.

Click this playlist link for more tutorials.
🌻FLEXIBLE: Question & Answer Type versatility, the Content Library, Learning Modes, & more

The 40+ million teacher-created activities in our Content Library are not breaking news, but the number of Quizizz Question Types surely grew as fast as the flowers in your garden this spring—we’re now up to 20!

No matter what you’re assigned to teach for summer school, below are some ways Quizizz covers all the bases on grade levels, subject areas, and depths of knowledge. Additionally, in case your sessions are remote or you're facing attendance issues, the various Learning Modes offer several options for students to complete the work aysnchronously. Take a look:

Check them all out now!
🍉ENGAGING: Qbits, and Question Type creativity
In addition to decking out their Qbits in clothes, shoes, and accessories, students can earn daily coins to save up or shop for more items. Learn more here!

What’s cool according to students seems to change weekly, but we’re always on a quest to make class more engaging!

Enter Qbits, the customizable avatars that let learners express themselves and have a little fun. Check out the Qbits preview (right).

For a more studious approach to engagement, here's a quick tutorial to better align question types to standards and state tests:

Looking for more resources on this topic? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Student Motivation.

☀️ACCESSIBLE: Quizizz Accommodations

Accessibility compliance and equitable learning just got easier! Here’s how Quizizz Accommodations works:

  • When assigning any Quiz or Lesson, educators select certain students on the class roster to assign specific IEP/504 accommodations.
  • In just a few clicks, the entire group can enjoy a personalized and compliant learning experience, all within the same activity.

For more details, be sure to watch this video and read our blog.

Ready, Set, Go!—Let the Summer School Games Begin

We'll save the fireworks for the Fourth of July, but these four reasons definitely give summer learners and teachers something to celebrate.

Although school may never be a student's first choice of summer destinations, we're certain using Quizizz will encourage a stronger desire to attend.💜

Interested in chatting about Quizizz School & District Plans for summer school and beyond?

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