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January 5, 2022

Start 2022 with SEL and Quizizz: 6 This-or-That Lessons and Quizzes To Use Today (Even Remotely!)

“How are you doing?” This is a loaded question most of us have faced for nearly two years amid the ongoing pandemic. Given how uncertain...

Motivate your students with SEL to encourage authentic learning and interaction in your classroom!

“How are you doing?”

This is a loaded question most of us have faced for nearly two years amid the ongoing pandemic. Given how uncertain the future seems, few of us have it figured out enough to tell the world “I’m good!”.

With uncertainty still looming in the world of education, the need to provide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the classroom remains vital not just for students, but also for teachers. For those unfamiliar with SEL, the concept pertains to the integration of human development skills into the classroom curriculum. At Quizizz, we can only imagine how challenging it has been for educators to design and plan an SEL curriculum for a generation of children who continue to witness unprecedented events in their homes, schools, and society. As we begin 2022 and find ourselves experiencing yet another season of Covid-related shifts in schools, Quizizz is here to help teachers navigate their next steps.

The “How are you doing?” question is a gateway to have honest conversations with your students about how they are feeling, how you are feeling and how you all can support each other through the ups and downs that can come your way. Whether you are fulfilling this through positive affirmations to maintain a healthy mindset, or perhaps a vent session to talk about tough times, authentic conversations often work better than a simple “I’m fine.”

With such uncertainty and flux, there has never been a better time to integrate SEL into the curriculum. Being a teacher-powered platform, Quizizz wants to make it easier for your students to wrap up winter break, return to school and resume SEL via various modes of teaching: remote, hybrid, blended or in-person learning. Here are six SEL lessons and quizzes to help teachers keep their cool, and check in on the well-being of every student.

Darcy Philbot’s quiz about SEL is lucid, fun, and engaging — perfect for 3–6 grade students. From questions about morals and kindness to resilience and empathy, this quiz has it all. Host this quiz live or assign it as homework to check for understanding of SEL topics taught in class.

Kevvin Hankins created an engaging Quizizz lesson on respect, culture, empathy, and perspective using quiz questions and lessons to reinforce learning for students of all ages. Host this lesson live to engage with students and learn their varying perspectives, which are a great way to encourage healthy discussions and debate in class. A huge shout out to Hankins for creating 555 quizzes on Quizizz!

Erica Laufer’s quiz captures the importance of intrapersonal, interpersonal, public, and online communication — these modes have become all the more relevant in today’s world of conversations wherein both online and in-person are practiced simultaneously. As evidence of this quiz’s quality, it has been played 519 times by Quizizz students and teachers, so we’re sure that you should host it live or as homework to better equip students with SEL knowledge.

Giron’s This or That Poll quiz has been played for a whopping total of 1,700 times by Quizizz teachers and students — SUCH a fun quiz! While it’s not overtly SEL-related, this activity can be used during the first week of 2022 to get students to talk passionately about their preferences: Dogs or Cats, Summer or Winter, Sandwich or Soup?! Polls on Quizizz can incite interactive debate and discussion, either in-person or via online classes.

This Team Quizizz favorite has been played about 9,000 times (and counting) and is the perfect way to start off a day of remote or in-person learning. Try playing it with your students at the end of class to finish in a fun way and infuse eager anticipation for your next session together!

Here’s a short and sweet activity created by Team Quizizz for you to share with your students at the start of every class. The social and emotional wellness-related questions are quick and simple, but by scanning students’ answers before beginning the lesson, teachers will have a better understanding of how ready the class is to learn. You can also customize this quiz, import it into your collections and add more questions to suit the needs of your classes.

BONUS: In order to keep those “How are you doing?” discussions going, here’s an additional collection of SEL resources curated by Team Quizizz. Try using the Spin the Wheel within Quizizz lessons to encourage 100% participation from all students, even the shy ones!

Best of luck for a strong start to the second half of the school year!

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