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May 24, 2023

Six Reasons High School Students Love Quizizz

High schoolers surveyed their classmates to unpack the reasons why Quizizz is a student-approved EdTech tool all teachers should use in the classroom.

Hosted at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California, Homestead Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students compete in competitions and complete special projects, like the Partnership with Business (PwB). For the 2022-2023 school year, Homestead’s PwB project was with Quizizz. Learn more about Homestead’s FBLA.

Teachers are always looking for new ways to keep us engaged in learning, rather than playing video games or texting our friends. Platforms like Quizizz are one strategy educators turned to in recent years. But just how much do these sites really help? In a recent survey of students conducted by us, Homestead High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Quizizz was said to be interactive, engaging, and easy to use. Here are six reasons why!

1. A Mode for Every Mood

For those who aren’t as familiar with Quizizz, the platform offers a few different game modes, such as Individual (Classic) mode, Team mode, and Test mode. Each one has unique themes and visuals that blend together seamlessly to create a high quality user experience. 

“A lot of what makes school boring is the repetition,” said sophomore Linda Chang. “Teachers can keep students interested by spicing up the lessons with various Quizizz modes.”

In Classic mode, students answer questions individually to gain points and compete against classmates. On the other hand, Team mode helps increase collaboration and cooperation, and students enjoy the opportunity to work together with friends. 

For a version of Quizizz that’s more like an exam, Test mode puts a spin on the process by not allowing students to see correct answers until the end. There’s also the option to view fullscreen to prevent distractions. This creates a more serious atmosphere and can even be used as an actual assessment by teachers if they choose to do so. According to our survey, both students and teachers appreciate the versatility of each of these modes. 

2. Student-Approved Features 

While using game modes, Quizizz offers various tools to enhance the learning experience with a bit of entertainment. Power-ups and other items can be used strategically to boost motivation, increase scores, recover from incorrect answers, or even help eliminate wrong answers on multiple choice questions.

“I really like the redemption questions,” said freshman Agnes Ko. “I have not seen this before on other platforms but it really helps me learn and remember questions I missed.”

Whiteboard is another unique Quizizz tool that lets teachers view each student’s progress and answers with one quick scroll. It also allows teachers to choose which answers to share and when, and to do so anonymously if desired. Finally, it provides educators the ability to address common misconceptions in real-time (example below).

3. User-Friendly Experiences

Another area in which our surveyed Homestead students claimed Quizizz leads the EdTech crowd is in terms of its UI design and animations, which are extremely fluid, help the game flow, and make learning or reviewing a smooth process. 

The platform also has a variety of options of backgrounds, music, and graphics that offer fresh, engaging experiences each time. Additionally, the memes displayed during games are fun and help ease stress. These customizations cater to all of our different learning styles and make review more entertaining for the class. 

Also on the topic of personalized learning, Quizizz allows teachers to disable the leaderboard, as well as enable Adaptive Questions. These tailor the learning experience by providing harder or easier questions based on individual performance, and give an added challenge to those who continue mastering the concepts.

While Homestead’s surveyed students felt the lack of a leaderboard reduces competition, it also increases focus on answering questions correctly rather than quickly. The Adaptive Questions set Quizizz apart from competitor platforms, as many other study websites have a one-size-fits-all approach to learning.

4. Data-Driven Learning

Beyond being fun, Quizizz holds up when it comes to reporting. As students, we’re able to see our incorrect questions and our overall percentage. This helps us know what we still need to review and work on to prepare for future tests. 

Further, Quizizz also shows us how we played throughout the game, such as streaks and average time per question – a feature competitor sites don’t have. These statistics help us better understand our performance and increase our mastery of the concepts.

5. So Much More Than Quizzes

In addition to Quizzes, the platform also offers Lessons, which are interactive slide presentations that include check-for-understanding questions throughout. Teachers use Lessons to quickly create and effectively deliver material in a fun, engaging manner. 

Along with Lessons, asynchronous review is also possible on Quizizz through the homework and flashcard features, which are beneficial study resources to help us reach our fullest potential!

6. Accessibility for All

For all the reasons above, we can honestly say that Quizizz is a great learning tool. It is incredibly easy to start using, and it just requires a single link for students to join a game. Timing the process for teachers, it only takes teachers around 60 seconds to create a new account, and from there, they are two clicks away from hosting a game. 

As for the topic of the Quiz or Lesson, there are millions of ready-made materials in the Quizizz library, but users can also create their own customized materials if needed. It’s worth mentioning that Quizizz is free, but the greatest value is through a School and District Plan, which offers additional benefits beyond the basic version.

Overall, our student survey confirmed that Quizizz maximizes our abilities by making learning easy, fun, and accessible, all in one streamlined platform anybody can use. It’s as simple as a few clicks, and any teacher can add this interactive learning experience to the class setting. Through combining education and gamification, students can be impacted by Quizizz in a major way.

Thanks for reading! Learn more about Quizizz School & District Plans, and feel free to share your experience on the platform with your community and ours: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

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