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May 13, 2024

Meet the Quizizz Prom Court

Who shall be crowned king and queen of the Quizizz prom? You. It's always been you. Now, meet the rest of your royal court eager to serve your teaching needs. 💐
👑 Accommodations

Our latest feature is like the DJ that spins everyone’s favorite tracks, but all at the same time. Quizizz Accommodations close gaps and open doors for every learner. 

From a slate of options like Extra Time and Reduce Answer Choices, a single activity can be customized to fit the learning needs of each student. You can even create an Accommodation Profile that automatically applies your student settings to any Quizizz activity you assign to your entire class. Differentiate like there's no tomorrow. 🎉

🤵 Interactive Video

You've probably played a video for your class, paused it, asked a question, and then unpaused it until you stopped it again. It's quite a process. Now, imagine this being automated. 👀

Our Interactive Video feature transforms any video into a dynamic learning experience by embedding incremental checks for understanding for you. Students can answer questions while they watch a video that pauses and unpauses itself. Automation is so in this prom season! 

👗 Quizizz AI Chrome Extension

The only clique we belong to is the single click. And like, we're even more fetch now. Along with any video, our Quizizz AI Chrome Extension can now turn any Google Form, Doc or Slide into a Quiz with just a tap. 🖱️

Doesn't your Quizizz prom court look stunning? With all these dazzling teaching tools by your side—and so many extra hours of free time—you'll be dancing every night away. 💃 🕺

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