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September 24, 2021

Lessons: Ways to Use Quizizz Lessons in person AND remotely

You told us you wanted tools that you could use synchronously and asynchronously in the same way. Heard! Check out Lessons and engage...

You told us you wanted tools that you could use synchronously and asynchronously in the same way. Heard! Check out Lessons and engage students wherever you’re teaching.

From explaining concepts to gamified learning and even getting instant feedback from students, the excitement of online learning is brought straight into your instrution with Lessons. Can’t say it better than one of our users:

We have gathered some ideas on how you can incorporate Lessons in your in-person classroom for some guaranteed engagement:

  1. Make sure your students are paying attention

Now don’t just teach the information, test your students mid-Lesson! Include knowledge checks with multiple choice questions or fill in the blanks to make sure your students are paying attention.

The best part — now you can SPIN THE WHEEL, to select one student out of the entire class! No more dreaded Cold Calls, Spin the Wheel, and select which student is to be put in the spotlight in a fun game-show style!

2. Increase In-Class Interaction With Questions

“What is a new concept you have learned this week”,

“ T-rex or Velociraptor, choose your favorite dinosaur”

In a live Lesson, you can have enhanced engagement with each and every student using our interactive question types.

Hear from every student in the classroom in real-time, even the shy and quiet ones, by asking an open-ended question within your Lesson. Gain insight on concept understanding, vote on fun topics, or even have healthy debates using poll questions.

3. Make mundane material interesting with creative and unique slides

Whether you’re teaching quadratic quotations or delving into Shakespearean literature, Lessons promises unique and engaging, eye-catching slides with our new animated Themes.

Cut through the giggles and chatter in the classroom with a variety of media, images, audio, video to keep students engaged and interested throughout.

4. Share extra reading materials or add references and explanations by embedding outside sources

Add a youtube video to explain a brain-scratching chemical reaction or include the Wikipedia page on Archimedes!

Being back in the classroom does not mean we leave behind online sources that have enhanced learning over the past year. From youtube videos to website pages, all of these can be embedded into your Lesson.

5. Too many use-cases to count

Lessons are an all-encompassing teaching tool. Use it for exit tickets, bell ringers, ice breakers, and more! Check out our curated templates for this back-to-school season and save yourself some precious time.

For more ideas on content that can go onto Lessons, read our blog on how to use Lessons before, after, and during class.

The world of learning is dynamic and fast-paced and student engagement is a challenge we love to tackle. So, in the excitement of in-person classes resuming and in the endless world of distractions, cut through the noise with Lessons.

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