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February 1, 2024

HOT Take-Aways from FETC 2024

Bring these tech coach-endorsed conference highlights back to your classroom today!

Kyle Niemis crushing his presentation at the Quizizz booth for FETC 2024. Photo courtesy of @TraciPiltz.

That’s a wrap on FETC 2024

With a backpack full of swag and a brain full of knowledge, educators left Orlando feeling super inspired. However, digesting all of the new information can be a bit overwhelming, especially while returning to school with a million other things to do.

So before a few of our tech coach pals could even unpack their suitcase, we asked if they’d be kind enough to unpack their favorite conference highlights to share with YOU! We hope these tech coach-endorsed FETC take-aways add something helpful or interesting to your practice!

Shout-out to these key contributors: Dominique Harbour, Heather Anderson, Monica Roach, Patrick Hausammann

🌟 FETC All-Stars to Follow
  • Leslie Fisher: Total powerhouse edtech influencer
  • Jaime Donally: Guru of all things virtual and augmented reality 
  • Eric Curts: Shares tons of new and practical tricks on Google, and more
  • Natasha Rachell and Krynica Drake: Their ‘Boost Reading Skills…’ session gave amazing tools to differentiate and enhance literacy instruction
  • Matt Miller: Along with Matt's countless other tips, his ‘20 AI Tools to Save Time in the Classroom’ FETC session was pure gold
💻 Cool Resources
Check out this gem of FETC resources, and feel free to add to it!
🍎 Classroom Tips
  • When asking students to use AI, model, model, model!  
  • Incorporate culture and self-reflection into your classroom (Inspired by ‘3D Quilt Codes’ session with Leticia Citizen)
  • Know the ‘why’ behind integrating technology. Make sure to understand the ways the tech goes hand-in-hand with your pedagogy to create new opportunities for students. (Inspired in part by the ‘Pivoting Your Pedagogy Into the Digital Age’ session with Kristin and Joe Merrill)
🗣 Special Shout-Outs
  • Imagi: This amazing group of women are encouraging young girls to code through pixel art creations. Check them out!
  • Tucker Bryant: His keynote speech reminded educators of why we do this work. Take risks, he said, because we will never know our limitless capabilities by playing it safe.
  • friEDTechnology Team: As always, they did an excellent job of supporting educators and coaches wanting to deepen their knowledge

HUGE thank you again to these awesome educators, and be sure to give them a follow! To sign off, here are some of their final thoughts on the conference:

 Dominique Harbour         Heather Anderson               Monica Roach         Patrick Hausammann

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