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August 9, 2023

B2S with the Best of Quizizz

Begin your back-to-school season with these teacher-endorsed favorite features for motivation, assessment readiness, stress reduction, and collaboration.

We kept a close eye on the challenges and triumphs that teachers, students, and admins were facing in 2022, and boy, did that lead to some exciting developments! Relevant when we released them AND relevant for this school year, here are some features that our teachers loved:

Enhanced student motivation and deeper learning with:
Mastery Peak and Mastery Mode

This live game mode encourages every student to reach the top while helping them improve their scores on the way up!  In one go! Teachers can set an overall accuracy score for their entire class to achieve during an interactive expedition.

Mastery Mode does the same thing but is geared towards async assignments and student paced practice and review!

Redemption Quiz

Everyone loved our Redemption Questions, so we decided to level it up and create an entire redemption quiz version. Now students can take another shot at getting the right answers, and hey, we all deserve a second chance sometimes, right? Redemption Quiz puts students on the road to growth and success. Learn more.

Improve assessment readiness
Question Types

We couldn't ignore the changes happening in exams and testing, (we’re looking at you, Texas) so we worked hard on six new interactive Question Types that are aligned to state testing! It's our way of infusing some interactive fun into and making students assessment ready. Learn more.

We couldn't be happier with the teacher love these new questions are getting and we're super proud of our engineers :')
Review and Submit

We wanted to create a testing environment that felt real to our students, one where they could strategize which sections they wanted to attempt first, like with their pen and paper tests! It's a game-changer when it comes to strategic test-taking. Learn more.

Focus Mode

To combat distractions, we introduced Focus Mode. It's like a little teacher notification system that lets you know if students wander off the quiz screen. It's helped keep the focus where it needs to be. Learn more.

Reducing teacher stress
Import from Google Forms

We know how painful it can be to juggle multiple tools, so we made life easier by allowing you to import content from Google Forms. It's like having your favorite tools all in one place. Learn more.

Powerful/seamless Collaboration:

Co-teaching is finally here! You can now add a co-teacher to your class, share reports, and access quizzes and lessons together. Learn more.

And Teams - it's a game-changer for departments and grade-level teachers. Create a team, share resources, and collaborate like never before. Learn more

2022 was awesome for new tools that aligned with what your school and what your students needed.

2023 is going to be the year of the teacher with added productivity and efficiency tools that are designed to help you get through content creation, data and engagement a lot easier!

We're introducing QUIZIZZ AI (BETA) to personalize the learning experience and make things a LOT quicker for you on the platform, CATEGORIZE and COMPREHENSION question types, AND our “Basic” users are going to get access to a bunch of previously paid features on the platform.

We can't wait for you to try out these new tools and see how they make your teaching experience even better. Quizizz is all about empowering teachers, and we're here to make sure 2023 is your year to shine! Let's keep making waves together!

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