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June 11, 2024

A Few of YOUR Favorite Things

We asked six educators to share a few of their favorite things on Quizizz. From the ease of Quizizz AI to Accommodations, this is how they cruised through the school year into summer break. 🚗

As the author of Tech with Heart: Leveraging Technology to Empower Student Voice, Ease Anxiety, & Create Compassionate Classrooms, Stacey Roshan knows her way around EdTech. Stacey is an avid user of Quizizz through her work as an innovative teaching consultant, and these are the tools that she found cool:

Stacey Roshan

Our next set of educators features the founding members of the EduGuardians. Georgia's own Christie Cloud is a virtual social studies teacher who aims to ignite learning. And Christie found these Quizizz features to be absolute fire:

Christie Cloud

AI literacy coach Larisa Black strives to empower educators by teaching cutting-edge technology in the classroom and through Teach Wise AI. Larisa digs the new features we've added to Quizizz over the past school year. Here's what she's feeling:  

Larisa Black

Better known as Farmer Faubs, Alyssa Faubion passionately makes "yeehaw moments" for teachers and students through her energy, innovation, and creativity. This instructional design coach thinks these are the ways to be winnin' when quizzin':

Alyssa Faubion

K-5 Math Interventionist/STEAM Teacher Heather Brown seeks to craft authentic learning experiences for elementary students that allow them to be creative. For Heather, the weather is always clear and breezy when she can use Quizizz for these reasons:

Heather Brown

Scotland's finest, Aileen Wallace, hopes to help educators embrace the use of AI in teaching to give them more time and tools for equitable learning. Aileen has found Quizizz to be a solid resource for her classroom in the following ways:

Aileen Wallace

If you haven't tried Quizizz AI or our Accommodations profiles, summer is a great time to take a few minutes (that's right, not hours) and play around with our platform. Go discover how we can help you plan in seconds and not weekends this fall. Here's to an endless summer. ☀️

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