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Multiple Choice Questions

Use multiple choice questions on Quizizz to create online quizzes and games for free!

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Multiply the joy of learning with MCQs

MCQs, or multiple choice questions, provide a fresh and interactive way for students to apply their knowledge. These questions are ideal for a variety of subjects, including math, science, and even social studies.

One of the biggest advantages of using MCQ tests in the classroom is that they’re quick and easy to grade. With multiple choice questions, you can effortlessly assess your students' understanding of what they’ve learnt, without spending hours tallying scores.

Multiply growth with MCQs on Quizizz

With Quizizz, you can take online multiple choice questions a step further with —

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Multiple answer options

Add up to 5 answer options for each multiple choice question in your quiz. Give students the option to select more than one right answer.

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Audio-visual aids

From Drop-Down to Reorder, and from Audio Response to Draw, there are several question types (and 15 of them on Quizizz!) that you can choose from to create online quizzes.

A girl holding a pair of scissors in one hand and a pencil in the other

Equation editor

Go the extra mile with math quizzes by adding equations to your multiple choice questions and answers on Quizizz.

Multiply engagement with MCQs

Multiple choice questions offer several possible answer options. So they challenge students and motivate them to think critically. MCQs are ideal for—

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Encouraging participation

Multiple choice questions are helpful for learners who may not be able to recall a correct answer independently, but can identify it from a pool of distractors.

MCQs boost participation as the different answer options act as prompts for a learner.

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Gamifying lessons

Regular lessons can be turned into friendly quiz contests, ice breakers, or fun team competitions with the help of MCQs.

Adding other engaging elements like music, memes, power-ups, and leaderboards can make learning even more enjoyable for students.

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Formative assessments

Multiple choice questions are best suited for formative assessments as they are low-stakes evaluations.

They offer a way to quickly tap into student understanding and progress while reducing test-taking anxiety.

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Entry and exit tickets

Whether it’s at the beginning or at the end of the class, knowing how much a student has learned and understood is vital.

Using a multiple choice questions quiz in entry and exit tickets quickly and efficiently provides this data.

Multiply ease with MCQs on Quizizz

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Import content

Teleport questions from millions of activities in the Quizizz library. Or, import exisiting content from spreadsheets, PDFs, Google Slides presentations, and Google Forms.

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Use Adaptive Question Banks

Each question in your quiz can also be tagged to your prescribed State Standard. Encourage higher-order thinking and reinforce learning through consistent practice!

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Grade manually or automatically

Grade higher-order thinking responses manually by assigning a scaled grade for each question. Or, let Quizizz take care of it with automated scores.