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Teams & Co-Teaching

Share content in Team folders and add co-teachers to a Class.

A Quizizz AI screen that shows three options for creating a quiz with Quizizz AI: text to quiz,  upload a file, and paste a link. There is a purple button at the bottom that says 'Generate a quiz'.

Quizizz AI Create

Instantly make high-quality content–from a text prompt, PDF, webpage, and more.

A Quizizz AI screen that shows a drop-down menu with various options for enhancing a quiz. The options are: 'Make it sound like Yoda', 'Convert questions to real-world problems', and 'Add similar questions'.

Quizizz AI Enhance

Make activities more accessible and engaging for all by translating to other languages, adding a creative twist, and more.

Categorize Question Type

Assess students’ ability to organize animal species, even/odd numbers, literary devices, and so much more.

Comprehension Question Type

Now available on Test Mode, help students strategize how they answer and boost test-taking confidence.

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Save more time for learning with LMS Integrations
Show student growth with Standards Tagging
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Two cheerful students are working on their laptops, while a teacher is talking to one of them and pointing at their laptop screen.
A screen displaying the leaderboard shown while playing a quiz in mastery peak mode. The leaderboard has five tiers; iron, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond.

Mastery Peak

Set accuracy goals and watch your students climb to the top, together.

Review and Submit

Now available on Test Mode, help students strategize how they answer and boost test-taking confidence.

Hotspot and Labeling

Auto-graded diagramming & dragging prompts (just like on state tests).


A plotting question type that’s actually auto graded (We see you, STEM teachers!).

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