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Why Quizzes?

Quizzes are ideal for improving student participation and testing their grasp on concepts that they’ve been taught. Here are some ways in which quizzes can add value to a lesson plan.

Gamified Learning

With quizzes, classes turn into fun and memorable experiences. Online quizzing platforms provide the added benefit of meshing together several different question types like Match and Reorder, Drag and Drop, Draw, Fill in the Blanks and Poll.

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Enhanced Engagement

Be it Audio-visual elements, Answer Explanations within a quiz, or Live Whiteboard on Quizizz, you can ensure that your instruction reaches all students, not just the loudest or the smartest.

Online quizzes for students are an excellent choice for improving recall too. Attempting quizzes periodically can help learners practice spaced repetition, which makes way for greater retention.

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Reduced Learning Gaps

Quizzes give you real-time insights on the concepts that your students find challenging. They also give you instant feedback and help you address any learning gaps to sustain their mastery.

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It matters how you ask.

From Drop-Down to Reorder, and from Audio Response to Draw, there are several question types (and 15 of them on Quizizz!) that you can choose from to create online quizzes. Each question in your quiz can also be tagged to your prescribed State Standard. Encourage higher-order thinking and reinforce learning through consistent practice!

Quizzes for Online Classes can encourage you to create  – 

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Formative and Summative Assessments

Conduct ongoing assessments to enable you to gauge where your students are on the learning curve, and make adjustments to your instruction on the go.

Use Quizizz to create summative assessments that evaluate student growth and progress at the end of a learning unit.

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Assign homework to your students so they can practice what they have learnt at their own pace using any device.

You can even import content from spreadsheets, Google Slides, and PDFs straight into your Quizizz activity.

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Interactive Lessons

Add slides to your quiz to turn it into a lesson. With Quizizz Lessons, you can blend instruction and assessment seamlessly. 

Access 30M+ quizzes and lessons created by our teacher community and import all the content you need with just a single click. 

With Quizizz you can also

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Generate Adaptive Question Banks

Provide learners with a unique experience using question sets that change with each attempt.

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Measure Growth and Progress

With our insightful reports and graphs, you can get detailed and tangible data at your fingertips.

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Integrate with your preferred LMS

Update assignments and grades in the blink of an eye by syncing Quizizz with an LMS of your choice.