The Common Core State Standards

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What are the Common Core Standards?

The Common Core State Standards are a set of guidelines that outline what students should know and be able to do in two subjects – math and English language arts (ELA). These guidelines are defined for each grade level from kindergarten to high school. 

The aim of the standards is to provide a consistent understanding of what students are expected to learn. They also provide teachers and parents with tools to help students succeed in college and in their careers.

The standards are designed to be comprehensive and applicable to real-world situations. And they are meant to reflect the knowledge and skills that students need in order to put their best foot forward.

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Quizizz enables you to create engaging quizzes, lessons, homework, assignments, and more. All of this content can be aligned with the Common Core State Standards for both math and English.

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Build low-stakes formative assessments on Quizizz to check for student understanding. Or, create detailed summative assessments to track progress at the finish line.

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Align your content with your school’s prescribed curriculum by tagging each question in your quiz to a state standard. You can even tag multiple standards per question.

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Get detailed and instant reports on your students’ performance as per the standards tagged for each question. Print, download, or share these reports with just one click.

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Common core standards for Math and ELA

The Common Core State Standards for Math are divided into two main categories: the Standards for Mathematical Practice, and the Standards for Mathematical Content.

The Standards for Mathematical Practice include abilities like making sense of problems, abstract and quantitative reasoning, and modeling with mathematics. The Standards for Mathematical Content include topics like algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, and functions.  

Similarly, the Common Core State Standards for ELA are divided into the Standards for Reading and the Standards for Writing and Language. The Standards for reading include both literature and informational texts. And the standards for writing and language include skills that aim to develop students into effective writers, communicators, and thinkers.

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Build standards-aligned content on Quizizz that boosts participation, promotes engagement, and sets students up for success.

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Mix and match 11 different question types including Fill in the blanks, Drag and Drop, Multiple choice questions, Draw, Audio response, and Video response.

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Captivate learners by adding images, gifs, videos, audio clips, diagrams, illustrations, and more to your quizzes, lessons, and assignments.

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Double your students’ love for learning by gamifying your content with memes, music, Whiteboard, Spin the wheel, and Power-ups. 

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