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What are live quizzes?

Live quizzes are quizzes that are conducted in real time, either in person or via the internet. They’re perfectly suited for boosting motivation in a classroom, as they offer a quick and interactive way to engage students

A live quiz can don many hats. It can take on the shape of a bell ringer, an entry or exit ticket, a revision activity, an ice breaker, or a formative assessment. Playing an online quiz live can offer an added benefit here. It enables you to experiment with multimedia, by adding audio-visual elements to captivate your students. 

An online live quizzing platform, like Quizizz, can also generate instant reports for you. Live quizzes partner real-time assessment with immediate feedback, so you can address learning gaps on the fly.

One live quiz, served four ways

Every classroom is different, and so is every quiz. Which is why Quizizz offers you four different ways in which your students can join live quizzes.

Image of a young girl holding a rectangular placard with a question and blank spaces for answers.


Take charge of the pace of your live quiz so all your students can tackle each question together, leaving no one behind.

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In this student-paced mode, enable your learners to take over the wheel as they play quizzes live and at their own pace.

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Add a dash of healthy competition to your live quiz with Team mode, where students play a quiz game individually, but are graded in groups.

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Opt for Test mode to turn your live quiz into a formal assessment and help students stay focused on their activity.

Create live quizzes your students will love

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Double the engagement

Skyrocket participation through a range of audio-visual aids including images, gifs, videos, audio clips, and more. Use the live whiteboard to increase interaction and let your students take center stage.

A screen on Quizizz displaying a Power-Up called 'Double Jeopardy' that awards double the points for a correct answer

Double the fun

Turn the road to mastery into an adventure. On Quizizz, students can enjoy attempting live quizzes with a Leaderboard, memes, music, themes, redemption questions, and exciting power-ups.

Build high-quality live quizzes

Quizizz enables you to create live quizzes that address your students’ learning needs as well as your administrative needs. With Quizizz, you can –

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Choose from multiple question types

From Drag and Drop to Fill in the blanks, and from MCQs to Video response, mix and match eleven different question types to create effective live quizzes.

A Quizizz report displaying a student's scores along with the option to email scores to parent

Tap into detailed reports

Get insightful and lightning-quick reports on individual student responses and overall class performance. Print, download, or share these reports with just one click.

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Integrate with an LMS

Update quizzes, lessons, and grades in the blink of an eye by syncing Quizizz with an LMS like Canvas, Schoology, or Google Classroom.

Create live quizzes in minutes

Craft live quizzes quickly and with ease. Quizizz offers you the tools with which you can design real-time assessments and activities in just a few minutes. 

Host from Library

Browse the Quizizz Library consisting of over 30M quizzes and lessons created by the teacher community. Select a quiz of your choice and host away! 

The Quizizz content library displaying a wide range of quizzes along with the option of hosting them live or as homework

Import from Library 

Surf through quizzes and lessons created by teachers just like you, and import all the questions and slides you need into your activity. 

The Quizizz content library featuring different quizzes and a question regarding the formula for density

Import from device or Google Drive

Import your presentations, PDFs, Google Slides, Google Forms, and spreadsheets from your Google Drive or device to consolidate all your resources.

A Quizizz menu displaying the option to import slides from computer or cloud

Create a quick Lesson

Add slides, images, text, videos, and more to your quiz and turn it into an interactive lesson. Blend instruction and assessment in one go. 

A screen displaying an illustration of an atom with the instruction to circle the electron