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Use Case
June 1, 2023

IDFC partners with Quizizz

"Quizizz made remote employee onboarding a reality for us. Now, our HR teams are able to ramp up frontline bank staff from the HQ, at scale"
"We onboard 1000s of employees every month, across the country. Quizizz made remote employee onboarding a reality for us. Now, our HR teams are able to ramp up frontline bank staff from the HQ, at scale." - Aashish Kumar, HRBP-South @ IDFC First Bank, India


IDFC is an Indian Private sector bank. The bank offers a wide range of products and services covering retail banking, wholesale banking, and investment banking. 

In order to provide these services, the bank has a large frontline team which is adding ~1000 employees every month.

Pre covid, all onboarding used to happen in person at the HQ. As covid came about, the bank had to move their onboarding remote and that’s when they engaged Quizizz and Thinkdom to help setup the onboarding program.

IDFC First’s Challenges:

  1. In person new employee induction programs were big events that required lots of planning, man-power and arrangements - we used to conduct in-person inductions at our city/regional offices.
  2. They had to be conducted by HRBP’s, and only twice a quarter, due to scale and resource limitations. 
  3. A big portion of the induction-training was task based agent activities and SOP’s which is quite mundane, and learner retention was not great.
  4. Conducting assessments was never a part of the orientation process, since it involved a lot of paperwork, logistics and proctoring resources
  5. Remote onboarding was the need of the hour, due to covid as well as it would save a lot of cost. However, remote onboarding without any engagement and gamification led to very slow new employee ramp up times.
  6. This is when the customer engaged Quizizz and Thinkdom to help setup their remote onboarding program.


  • 5500+ frontline bank staff remote-onboarded over the last 6 months. 
  • Traditional 2-day induction programs are now 4-hour programmes
  • 100% assessment of new-hires post induction 
  • Employee ramp-up costs reduced by 60%
  • Fully paperless and mobile-first solution that works for all staff

The Quizizz Solution:

  1. The Quizizz team enabled the IDFC HR Onboarding team to digitize and generate quizzes for the induction programme.
  2. Quizizz is used during remote, live orientations and inductions conducted across India, with general knowledge checks on the employee handbooks and policies, as well as role-specific training content. 
  3. The new hires could attend these inductions on their preferred device. 75% of the onboarding quizzes and activities were completed on Mobile, that further expanded Quizizz’ applicability to all frontline hiring. 
  4. The gamification, ease of assignment and completely paperless solution provided by Quizizz helped us hire over 5000 employees within half a year. Now we have moved into a completely remote induction and we plan to expand Quizizz usage to all hiring within IDFC.

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