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Case Study
June 20, 2023

How DP World uses Quizizz to assess their frontline staff

Quizizz makes the work environment safer for crane operators in their high-risk jobs. The training helps them understand safety protocols better and also simplifies the working of port machines and cranes for them.
"Our training standard specifies that our training program for technical operators should have an assessment program. Quizizz fits perfectly in the trainings and assessments. It makes things easier for a technician to understand how different port machines and cranes work, and what safety protocols must be followed as part of their high-risk jobs."
- Ignacio Urdanigo, Training Analyst @ DP World, Columbia HQ

Overall Results:

  • Achieved milestone of 100% training compliance for 600+ employees
  • ~ 6 hours time saved per training session 
  • Improved training frequency by 2x - 8 trainings per month
  • 27 Functional Experts are now certified to conduct and execute trainings
  • Learning retention improved from 55% to 93% since Quizizz usage

Creating a safe environment:

  • Reduction in quarterly accidents and near-miss incidents by 65%

DP World’s Challenges:

  1. Traditional written tests have been proven to be less effective and engaging for operators, particularly for those with limited academic backgrounds. Additionally, they lead to a lot of paper wastage.
  2. To ensure operator competence and safety, the assessment process needed to be standardized and comprehensive.
  3. The existing content needed to be regularly updated to adhere to changing safety regulations.
  4. Training sessions and assessments needed to be delivered in a manner that maximized engagement and minimized the need for external help from colleagues.
  5. Evaluating trainees was a huge hassle that involved digitizing paper answers and repetitively implementing rubrics on top of Excel sheets.

The Quizizz Solution:

  1. The training analyst adapted existing assessment papers that contained questions related to crane operation and safety regulations into Quizizz.
  2. Using Quizizz, the training analyst created interactive assessments to replace traditional written tests, providing a more dynamic and engaging experience for operators.
  3. Quizzes were integrated into the training sessions as part of the assessment program, allowing operators to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge and enabling the trainer to perform knowledge checks on critical questions.
  4. Quizizz facilitated the evaluation process by automating the assessments and saving days of time. Every training session must be assessed, and safety assessments require 100% accuracy, while some assessments need a 75% accuracy level. Reports from Quizizz can be easily downloaded and further utilized for actioning.

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