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Free, Printable Bell Ringers for School

Begin your classes with a quick assessment or an ice breaker using our free printable bell ringers

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What makes bell ringers special?

Bell ringers, or warm-up activities, are a great way to start a lesson off on the right foot. Be it a quick quiz, a brain teaser, or a writing prompt, these short activities are designed to engage students and get their minds ready to learn. 

Bell ringer questions can cover a wide range of subjects, including math, science, social studies, and grammar. So you can customise these activities to match your lesson plan and keep your students focused and engaged.

Build daily bell ringers on Quizizz

Quizizz enables you to create fun and interactive bell ringers that act as a quick recap activity for your classroom. With Quizizz, you can --

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Create a quiz

Get your students ready and rearing to tackle a new class with a quick quiz. Mix and match question types like Poll, Fill in the blanks, and Multiple choice questions to build a memorable bell ringer.

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Create a lesson

Create short presentations with Quizizz Lessons and seamlessly blend bell ringers with your lesson plan. Use text, audio clips, videos, gifs, and images to display prompts, instructions, or discussion topics.

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Get instant insights 

Follow up your bell ringer by tapping into the instant reports generated on Quizizz. Track student understanding and growth by quickly reviewing answers and scores so you can make adjustments to your lessons on the fly. 

Bell ringers: one size fits all

Bell ringer activities are versatile. They can be tailored to different subjects by altering the content and the skills they require from students.

For instance, math bell ringers for students of Grade 3 can include a few quick and simple addition or subtraction questions. Similarly, science bell ringers for a class of Grade 5 students can help them revise the parts of a plant by sketching a quick diagram.

A brief quiz on country capitals would be well suited for social studies bell ringers, while SEL bell ringers could involve prompting students to reflect on their feelings. With bell ringer activities, the options are truly endless and there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Use Quizizz bell ringers for any subject

Whether you’re looking to engage students from elementary school or high school, Quizizz offers you a host of tools you can use to build effective bell ringers. With Quizizz, you can quickly and easily create bell ringers for


Use question types like MCQ, Drag and Drop, and Match to create interactive math quizzes for your students. Add equations to questions and answer options for a mathemagical experience.

Social Studies

Create bell ringers for social studies using question types like Fill in the blanks, Drop-down, and Reorder. Students can also mark and label maps using the Draw question type.


Engage students’ critical and creative thinking skills with Open-ended questions, Video responses, and Audio responses. Tap into the pulse of your classroom with Polls.

Elevate your bell ringers with Quizizz

A bell ringer is so much more than a quick revision. A creative bell ringer can set students up for success by boosting their recall and retention, and motivating them to mastery. Bell ringers on Quizizz are supported by --

The Quizizz library

Gain inspiration from over 30M free printable activities created by teachers on Quizizz, and import the content you need with a single click.

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LMS integrations 

Update assignments, bell ringers, tests, and grades in the blink of an eye by syncing Quizizz with an LMS like Canvas, Schoology, or Google Classroom.

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Accessible design 

Address the wide spectrum of your classroom’s needs by enabling tools such as Read Aloud for elementary and ELL students.

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