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Scan QR Codes for Answers with Paper Mode Quizzes!

Make a quiz with different question types to engage students in a classroom, train employees at work, or play trivia with friends.

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What Is Paper Mode?

Digital experiences are dynamic. They create learning environments that are rich with interaction and engagement. Every click leads to a new world of wonder! But the physical world has its own charms. Steady, straightforward, and simple, it facilitates focused learning without the need for any screens or devices. 

If you’ve ever wished to combine the best of the physical and digital, Paper Mode on Quizizz might be just what you’re looking for. With Paper Mode, students don’t need their own devices to participate in a fun quiz!

All they need to do is hold up a unique QR code to answer a question. You can then use your phone as an answer scanner to record their responses, and voila! A complete phygital experience right from the comfort of your own classroom. 

A group of people are holding up cards with QR codes on them and a hand holding a phone is scanning these cards.

How Do Printable Cards Work with Paper Mode?

> When you conduct a quiz in Paper Mode, all you need to do is project the questions on your computer.

> Each student is handed a Q-card, which is a unique, numbered card containing a QR code. Your students can view the question slides and answer them by holding up these free printable cards. 

An illustration of a QR code being assigned to a student labelled P1.

> The QR code has four sides, marked ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’. Each side represents the corresponding answer option for a multiple choice question with four choices.

> All your students need to do is turn the printed card and display it such that the correct answer option is on top. 

An illustration of a pair of hands rotating a card with a QR code such that the side marked 'B' is shown on top

> Next, you just need to scan these codes using the Quizizz mobile app to record your students’ attempts. Quizizz will provide instant feedback on your students’ responses as you scan to get answers.

> Once the quiz has ended, you will also get a detailed scoresheet at your fingertips so you can observe your students’ progress and zone in on any areas of improvement.

An illustration of a person's hand holding a phone, scanning QR codes, while the phone screen displays the results

Why Conduct QR Code Quizzes with Paper Mode?

No student devices? No problem! Quizizz Paper Mode is a simple online quiz tool for teachers that enables you to support and engage all your learners equally. Here are some ways in which Paper Mode empowers your students to explore while offline using just two devices and a pack of free printable cards. 

How to Use Printable Cards with Quizizz

Ready to host your first quiz in Paper Mode? Just follow these five simple steps, and you’re all set!

  1. An illustration of a laptop screen showing a quiz page with the option to host a quiz in paper mode

    Step 1: Create a new quiz on your computer, or select one of your existing quizzes with multiple choice questions. You can also import a fun quiz from over 30M activities in the Quizizz Library. Next, click on Paper Mode. 

    An illustration of a laptop screen displaying a quiz page with the option to print Q-Cards

    Step 2: Click on ‘Print’ to access a PDF with a pack of 60 unique Q-cards. Download, print, and distribute these cards to your students. These printed cards can be reused for every quiz that you host on Paper Mode!

    An illustration of a laptop screen displaying a quiz question. This question is being projected onto a larger screen in the background.

    Step 3: Start the quiz and present the questions on your computer. You can also project these question slides onto a larger screen for better visibility.

    An illustration of a phone screen displaying the Quizizz mobile app. A finger is pointing at option to start a quiz in paper mode.

    Step 4: Once all your students have raised their Q-cards, open the Quizizz app on your phone and tap ‘Paper Mode’. Scan all the printed cards in one go.

    An illustration of a phone screen displaying the results of a quiz question that was answered in paper mode

    Step 5: Tap ‘Submit’ to record all your students’ responses. View instant feedback on your classroom’s performance after every question, and get insightful scoresheets at the end of the quiz.

P.S. Wondering how to keep track of all your student names and Q-card numbers? Quizizz will take care of it for you!

When you assign Q-cards via classes on Quizizz, Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology, Quizizz will automatically allocate a card number against each student’s name in your queue and track their responses accordingly. For an in-depth guide to using our free printable cards, check out our support article on hosting a quiz in Paper Mode.

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One Pack of Cards for Every Activity

Our assessment app for teachers extends far beyond conducting regular quizzes. A pack of printable cards can be used in a variety of methods to target different learning goals and objectives. Here are some ways in which you can use Paper Mode to tap into the power of a QR code quiz.

A report showing an overview of the class' performance

Formative assessment

Check for understanding by conducting low-stakes formative assessments via Paper Mode on Quizizz.

You can then sync your grades and scoresheets in the blink of an eye by integrating Quizizz with your preferred LMS, such as Canvas, Schoology, or Google Classroom.

A laptop screen displaying a multiple choice question with four options

Engaging activities

Paper Mode quizzes make for ideal ice breakers on the first day of school as they’re fun and interactive.

You can also use this game mode to conduct bell ringers and gauge prior knowledge. Exit tickets with Paper Mode are another way to check for understanding in an engaging manner.

A laptop screen displaying a multiple choice question with four options and panel on the right that shows student responses

Test prep and revision

Take the pressure off of test prep with a fast and fun revision session using Paper Mode!

A simple, hands-on experience with a pack of printable cards is sure to make test prep feel like a breeze. It can also steady the nerves before a big exam by ensuring effective practice.

One Pack of Cards for Every Subject 


Whether it’s basic geometry for 4th graders or 3D shapes for grade 7, your students can use their free printable cards to answer a plethora of math questions.


Quiz your students on abiotic vs biotic elements, laws of motion, or chemical equations, and watch your science classes come alive with Paper Mode.

Social Studies

With a few quick twists and turns of their printable cards, learners can tackle questions on country capitals, historical events, and systems of governance.


Learning languages is twice as fun with a pack of printed cards. Students can review vocabulary, analyze text, and identify elements of poetry!

Getting Creative with Printable Cards

When it comes to our free printable cards, versatility is the name of the game. You can customize Paper Mode quizzes to suit the requirements of your students and ensure that there’s never a dull day in your classroom! There is so much you can do with just a pack of printable cards; here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

  1. Keeping it quick: Run a rapid-fire quiz to facilitate a speedy practice session where you can blaze through questions together and check for understanding.

  2. Slow and steady: Take a few extra minutes per question and allow your students to solve complex problems on paper and then use their printed cards for rigorous learning.

  3. Try it with teams: Group your students and assign each team a printed card. Watch as they put their heads together and collaborate to come up with the correct answers!

Watch Paper Mode in Action

Here’s how our online quiz tool for teachers is being used by the Quizizz community!

Other Game Modes on Quizizz 

Every classroom is different, and so is every quiz. Which is why our quiz maker offers you six other ways in which your students can join quizzes.

An illustration of a girl holding a rectangular placard representing a quiz question with blank spaces for answer options


Take charge of the pace of your fun tests so all your students can tackle each question together, leaving no one behind. Just share your quiz code to begin!

An illustration representing three different quiz modes: team, classic, and test. An arrow is pointing at the classic mode.


In this student-paced mode, learners can surf over to joinmyquiz.com and take over the wheel! Classic mode enables them to play quizzes live and at their own pace.

An illustration of a group of three cheerful students holding devices.


Add a dash of healthy competition with Team mode. In this game mode, students enter a Quizizz join code to play a quiz game individually, but are graded in groups.

An illustration of a joyful girl pointing at a quiz question above her


Turn your live quiz into a formal assessment and help students stay focussed. Simply ask them to head over to joinmyquiz.com and they’re all set to begin!

An illustration of a girl doing her homework using her device


Enable your students to practice what they’ve learned anytime, anywhere, and using any device with homework quizzes. All they need is a quiz code to join in!

An illustration of a student avatar wearing a helmet, set against the backdrop of mountains.

Mastery Peak

With Mastery Peak mode, students can visit joinmyquiz.com to beat obstacles and play mini-games as they make their way toward a mastery goal.


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