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Explore examples of formative assessments and discover how to use them with Quizizz

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What is formative assessment?

As you explore a new topic with your students, you can continually check in on their progress with the help of formative assessments. These assessments help you gauge a learner’s level of understanding and identify any challenges they may be facing. 

The result? A steady stream of insights that you can use to inform your teaching strategies and lesson plans. With formative assessments, you can meet your students exactly where they are. 

Formative vs summative assessments: What’s the difference?

Summative assessments help record growth after students have completed a learning unit. The scores from these evaluations tend to carry more weight within a student’s overall grades. 

On the other hand, the stakes are low with formative assessment scores. By assessing students while they’re learning a concept, you can quickly make adjustments in the classroom to bridge learning gaps.

Quizizz is right here to help you with

The Quizizz content library displaying a wide range of quizzes along with the option of hosting them live or as homework

Real-time assessments

Conduct quizzes and activities in real-time and invite students to join in from any device. 

A Quizizz report displaying a student's accuracy and score

Lightning quick results

Tap into instant reports and graphs that help you measure understanding and tweak your lessons in no time.

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The ‘Show your work’ tool

Allow students to upload their work and share their train of thought so you know exactly when to step in.  

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Manual grading

Ease away the pressure of tests by lowering the grade points for each question.

What are some examples of formative assessments?

Formative assessments can take any shape or form that meets the needs of your classroom. Whether it’s a simple show of hands, writing a summary, answering a quick quiz, or labeling a diagram, the options are endless. 

And the best part? All of these formats can be smoothly integrated within your lessons, so learning and evaluation can always go hand in hand.

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So Many Question Types to Choose From

In this classic activity, learners can complete sentences by filling in the blanks with the right answers.

A screen displaying a question with space to enter answer

Ask your students to reorder a set of jumbled options in ascending, descending, or chronological order.

A screen displaying four options that can be arranged in the correct order

Present learners with the opportunity to select one or more correct answers from a list of options.

A screen displaying question with an option to choose from four options

Gamify your assessment with shuffled text and images that your students can pair together.

A screen displaying question with four options to match

Choose between a plain background or an image and watch as students give shape to their thoughts with colors, highlighters, and more.

A screen displaying a question with an option to draw

Motivate learners to think critically by dragging and dropping the right options to complete a sentence.

A screen displaying a question with four options to drag and drop

Let students take center stage with video responses so you can assess their presentation skills.

A screen displaying a question with an option to video record

Check the pulse of your classroom with a fun poll or vote.

A screen displaying a question with two options to click

Use Lessons to create an instructor-led experience where slides and multimedia are combined with quiz and poll questions.

A screen displaying a slide with a picture

Engage your students’ higher order thinking skills and encourage them to dig deep with open-ended questions.

A screen displaying a question with space to write answer

Analyze speaking skills by allowing students to voice their answers using the audio response feature.

A screen displaying a question with an option to audio record

Prompt your students to choose between a set of drop-down options to fill out the blanks in a piece of text.

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