with learning science
Ensure knowledge retention & Measure impact of your learning programs
without compromising on delivery timelines
Create a meaningful difference to your trainings
Trainings done
Monthly active learners
Saving per 1000 employees

Why don't trainings meet Business Needs?

Legacy authoring tools that don't support engaging interactions
Death by Powerpoint instead of active learning
Learners forget in absence of reinforcements
Assessments designed for memory, not outcomes

How Quizizz improves training roI

Address skill gaps in real-time during training Sessions

Short quizzes make learners recall what they learnt & give real-time feedback to the trainers.
Live leaderboards & power-ups increase attention span through engagement.

Improve stickiness with spaced Repetition

80% of what's learned is forgotten in 10 days. Quizizz reinforces a few questions daily, spaced out over 6-12 weeks.
Use Quizizz AI to create questions & customise delivery schedule as per your needs.

Automate knowledge checks for proactive interventions

Managers waste hours pushing employees to complete knowledge checks.
Quizizz manages creation, administration & reporting so that your managers can focus on high-impact coaching instead.

Implement ad-hoc trainings efficiently

As business becomes more agile, L&D teams need to respond faster.
Quickly create a short video or slides with questions & share with learners using one-click.
Track learning through live reports to ensure that all learners are up-to-speed.

Quizizz is 10x faster than scorm interactions

Responsive & engaging - 10x faster than Scorm
Integrate with LMS & other apps, import past scorm content
Supercharge reporting & track beyond completion rates
All this at One-tenth the cost of Articulate
Industries served
Manufacturing & Logistics
Financial Services

Why Choose Quizizz?

AI Powered Learning Platform
Leverage AI to create learning content, automate assessments, feedback and recommendations
AI Generation
Create Quiz using any text prompt or document
AI Co-Trainer
AI Copilot to quickly enhance your creations
AI Converter
Convert any youtube video or web link to quiz in seconds
AI features were really cool and I was impressed by how relevant the questions were!
Touba Guerroumi, Unilabs
Gamified Learner Experiences
Improve engagement, motivation and knowledge retention
Gamified Micro-learning
Gamified learning for max participation and retention
Works on all devices
Ideal for desk-less workforce who can access it anywhere
Multiple Game modes
Live, self-paced and practice modes for training
We use Quizizz to train and assess young professionals between 20 and 30, from across the country. Quizizz helps me conduct my trainings and assessments in an engaging way, that is mobile-first
- LuLu Kyaw, US Pharmacopeia
Create engaging, multi-media content
Select from more than 20 question types and content formats that suit everyone’s needs
Interactive Trainings
Turn slides and learning content into interactive learning modules
Video Trainings
Create interactive video trainings with embedded questions
Learning paths for employee onboarding, product training & continuous learning
What swayed us towards Quizizz were the media integrations. It is so cool to be able to add a video clip to slides and questions
Repairs contact center admin, TDS Telecom
Insights and Analytics
On-the-go analytics for all round performance evaluations
Live tracking
Real-time tracking, leaderboards and reports
AI powered evaluations
AI assisted evaluations and personalized feedback for participants
Participant Feedback
Continuous feedback on content and engagement
Immediate, actionable insights helped refine our training approach and content quality over time
Rita, Training Instructor
Collaboration and Administration
Must haves for your organisation level trainings
Advanced management
Rostering and learner management
Train together
Collaborative instruction design and training delivery
Easily share and access content
Role-based access control for Team leads and managers
This is huge. Definitely a step in the right direction. I have played around with it and this view is very helpful for admins to manage Quizizz done by all users
Learning Instruction Designer, TTEC
Trusted by 4000+ learning organisations for their trainings
from 250+ reviews
on Capterra
from 500+ reviews
on G2
"Most of the training sessions we conduct are about technical topics, compliance etc. With Quizizz, we've introduced gamification into the mundane monthly training sessions we conduct. Now our staff has fun while learning, and we have a great way to perform knowledge-checks. Very happy with Quizizz!"
Ralph Gebbia
Director of technical training, Weichert Workforce Mobility
"We use Quizizz to train and assess young professionals between 20 and 30, from across the country. Quizizz helps me conduct my trainings and assessments in an engaging way, that is mobile-first."
LuLu Kyaw
US Pharmacopeia
How DP World uses Quizizz to assess their frontline staff
Quizizz makes the work environment safer for crane operators in their high-risk jobs. The training helps them understand safety protocols better and also simplifies the working of port machines and cranes for them.
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IDFC partners with Quizizz
Quizizz made remote employee onboarding a reality for us. Now, our HR teams are able to ramp up frontline bank staff from the HQ, at scale
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