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Create custom quizzes with Hotspot questions to boost active participation and enhance critical thinking!

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Understanding Hotspot Questions

If you’re looking to maximize engagement and create activities that captivate your students, Hotspot questions might be just what you’re looking for. These questions encourage students to identify and highlight specific areas or regions on an image as their answer. 

Hotspot questions are highly effective in promoting visual learning, increasing student participation, and improving critical thinking skills. Incorporating these questions into your quizzes can turn your activities into immersive experiences that support students on their path to mastery.

Creating Hotspot Questions on Quizizz

  1. Log in to your Quizizz account, or sign up for free.

  2. Click on the ‘Create’ button on the navigation pane and select 'Quiz'.

  3. Choose the ‘Hotspot’ option from the list of available question types.

  4. Enter your question in the designated field.

  5. Upload the image that your students need to interact with.

  6. Select the type of hotspot. You can choose between rectangle, freeform, and point.

  7. Add all the hotspots you need on the image and mark the correct ones.

  8. Click on ‘Save’ and repeat this process to add as many questions as you’d like.

  9. Save your quiz and host it live or assign it as homework.

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Exploring the Variants of Hotspots on Quizizz

Quizizz offers three different types of hotspots: point, rectangle, and freeform. Each of these types comes with its own benefits and specific use cases. Let’s take a closer look at them.

A laptop screen displaying a highlighted point hotspot question on Quizizz.

Point Hotspot

A point hotspot enables students to locate a precise point or position on an image. These hotspots are ideal for questions related to anatomy, geography, or any topic where a high level of accuracy is required. For instance, the point hotspot can be used to ask students to locate the nucleus of a cell.

A laptop screen displaying a highlighted rectangle hotspot question on Quizizz.

Rectangle Hotspot

The rectangle hotspot allows students to identify a rectangular portion of the chosen image. It is apt for highlighting relatively larger areas of a picture that can be easily enclosed within squares and rectangles. For example, rectangle hotspots can be used to select the noble gases in the periodic table.

A laptop screen displaying a highlighted freeform hotspot question on Quizizz.

Freeform Hotspot

Freeform hotspots give students the opportunity to highlight areas of an image that might be irregularly shaped. These areas might not neatly fit within rectangles or might be too large for point hotspots. For instance, freeform hotspots can be used to identify specific countries on a world map.

Customizing Hotspot Activities on Quizizz

Hotspot questions offer a valuable tool to engage students in fun learning experiences. These questions enable you to create dynamic quizzes that address different learning styles. Here’s how you can further enhance student learning outcomes with Quizizz.

Add music, audio clips, images, gifs, and videos to your quizzes and lessons to capture your students’ attention and improve understanding.

An audio response type question displayed on a tablet screen

Create your own questions or import them from our library of over 30M activities created by our teacher community on Quizizz.

The Quizizz content library featuring different quizzes and a question regarding the formula for density

Build low-stakes formative assessments on Quizizz to check for student understanding. Or, create summative assessments to track progress at the finish line.

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So Many Question Types to Choose From

In this classic activity, learners can complete sentences by filling in the blanks with the right answers.

A screen displaying a question with space to enter answer

Ask your students to reorder a set of jumbled options in ascending, descending, or chronological order.

A screen displaying four options that can be arranged in the correct order

Present learners with the opportunity to select one or more correct answers from a list of options.

A screen displaying question with an option to choose from four options

Gamify your assessment with shuffled text and images that your students can pair together.

A screen displaying question with four options to match

Choose between a plain background or an image and watch as students give shape to their thoughts with colors, highlighters, and more.

A screen displaying a question with an option to draw

Motivate learners to think critically by dragging and dropping the right options to complete a sentence.

A screen displaying a question with four options to drag and drop

Let students take center stage with video responses so you can assess their presentation skills.

A screen displaying a question with an option to video record

Check the pulse of your classroom with a fun poll or vote.

A screen displaying a question with two options to click

Use Lessons to create an instructor-led experience where slides and multimedia are combined with quiz and poll questions.

A screen displaying a slide with a picture

Engage your students’ higher order thinking skills and encourage them to dig deep with open-ended questions.

A screen displaying a question with space to write answer

Analyze speaking skills by allowing students to voice their answers using the audio response feature.

A screen displaying a question with an option to audio record

Prompt your students to choose between a set of drop-down options to fill out the blanks in a piece of text.

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Making the Most Out of Hotspot Questions

The Hotspot question type promotes critical thinking and encourages analysis. It motivates students to pay closer attention to details. By tailoring Hotspot questions to your learning objectives, you can reap all of their benefits. Make the most out of Hotspot questions on Quizizz by–

Fostering Deeper Understanding

Craft questions that enable students to identify multiple relevant areas, challenging them to think deeply about the image's elements and their relationships.

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Encouraging Collaboration

Assign hotspot quizzes as group activities. Not only does this promote teamwork, but it also creates space for peer discussion to arrive at the correct answers.

Challenging Students

Present several options that closely resemble each other. This will motivate students to carefully analyze the image and compare all the options before selecting the correct area.

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