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March 6, 2024

Quizizz AI Madness

🏀 This month, our team put in work at the gym to make Quizizz AI a dynamic teammate for you during the testing season. Here are five ways we can give your workload a (fast) break.

1️⃣ Your day rarely ends after the bell. Quizizz AI shortens your evening prep by turning any source material into a quiz. Take a pic of your material or upload an existing PDF/slide/doc into Quizizz AI. Follow a few prompts and then wait ⸺ Oh, the quiz is done. Enjoy the time you just got back for the night. 🛏️

2️⃣ AI Enhance can send your students to the final dance of testing success by empowering you to make your curriculum more accessible. From automatic translations to converting questions to real-world scenarios, AI Enhance can quickly adjust to the ebb and flow of your class. Mid-game adjustments (another basketball reference) are a cinch. 😀

3️⃣ Watch. Click. Quiz. Quizizz AI Chrome Extension is a slam dunk (yup, we said it)! ⛹️

4️⃣ Power forward with this new Interactive Video Question. Use Quizizz AI to generate questions off a video that students can answer while they watch it. Are we scoring points with you yet? 💪

5️⃣ If you'd like a game plan to guide you through Quizizz AI, take our certification course. Finish the lesson and raise a banner at your school as a Certified Quizizz AI Educator. 🥇

Team up with the Quizizz AI, starting five by your side, and get through the madness of the testing season like a champ (last sports reference). 🏆 😉

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