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Project Cost Management


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
    1 minute
    1 pt

    Which of the following is a valid way of evaluating the financial feasibility of a project?

    Return on Investment

    Net Present Value

    Internal Rate of Return

    All of the above

  • 2. Multiple Choice
    1 minute
    1 pt

    The calculation of the total cost of a product, from R & D to operational support and disposal, is called

    Birth-to-death costing

    Life-cycle costing

    Summary costing

    Depreciation costing

  • 3. Multiple Choice
    1 minute
    1 pt

    If BCWS = 1000, BCWP = 1200, and ACWP = 1300, the project is

    Ahead of Schedule and under budget

    Behind Schedule and under budget

    Ahead of Schedule and over budget

    Behind Schedule and over budget

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