Engineering Design Process
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    120 seconds
    Q. A technology company has identified the need for a smaller laptop computer that weighs less, but they do not have enough knowledge about how to build it. 
    What would be the next logical step engineers would take to design and produce this laptop computer?
    answer choices
    Build a new type of laptop battery
    Research current laptop technology
    Build a prototype computer
  • Question 2
    120 seconds
    Q. An emergency-equipment company makes warning-signal flares. The company wants to redesign  a flare so that it produces light for a longer period of time. 
    After the company thinks of ideas, what is the next step in the design process?
    answer choices
    Build a prototype
    Define the problem
    Decide on the best solution
  • Question 3
    120 seconds
    Q. A group of engineers designed and constructed a flying car prototype. Their goal is for the car to enable people to safely fly to and from work instead of getting stuck in traffic jams.  
    How will the engineers determine that this prototype meets their design requirements?
    answer choices
    Have a test pilot attempt to fly it from one location to another.
    See if the car can hover one meter above the ground for 20 minutes.
    Drive in the car at highway speeds on an interstate roadway at nighttime.
  • Question 4
    120 seconds
    Q. Engineers plan on developing a new drill for use on oil rigs. What should the engineers do first in order to develop the new drill?
    answer choices
    Conduct research on features for a new drill
    Determine the materials needed to build the new drill
    Build a prototype of the new drill
  • Question 5
    120 seconds
    Q. Some scientists want to design a system of instruments that will evaluate ocean currents, temperatures, and winds in order to predict weather patterns. 
    What should they do before they produce the first complete working version of the system?
    answer choices
    Improve the design of the system
    Evaluate the results of the system
    Build a prototype of the system
  • Question 6
    120 seconds
    Q. What is the purpose of building a prototype?
    answer choices
    to test the product and make sure that it is the best solution to the problem
    to make sure that the product is in compliance with government regulations
    to determine the design constraints for the product
  • Question 7
    120 seconds
    Q. Technicians plan to develop a new type of keyboard that will have alphabet letters in different positions from a standard keyboard. Which will best help the technicians decide if the new keyboard is an improvement over the standard one?
    answer choices
    analyzing the problems that people have using standard keyboards
    asking people their opinions of how they like standard keyboards
    comparing the speeds at which people type on each style of keyboard
  • Question 8
    120 seconds
    Q. A design team built a prototype robot that is a vacuum cleaner. Their goal is for the robot to be able to vacuum people’s homes on its own with no human supervision. How will the team know if the robot prototype works after it is completed?
    answer choices
    Place it in someone’s home, and see if it can vacuum the carpets on its own.
    They should go ahead and build a prototype of this design.
    Place it in a grassy field, and observe to see if it can vacuum up dirt and sand.
  • Question 9
    120 seconds
    Q. Your group plans to build a model plant. When should you decide upon the criteria you will use to test your technological design?
    answer choices
    After the model is built
    after the model is tested
     Before the model is built
  • Question 10
    120 seconds
    Q. A factory produced a new type of refrigerator designed to use less electricity. The machine was manufactured and sold to the public at Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. After several months, reports showed that this refrigerator was not working correctly. 
    Which choice below is the most likely cause?
    answer choices
    The proper cost analysis was not performed.
    The designers did not test other types of machines.
    They did not rigorously test and modify the prototype
  • Question 11
    120 seconds
    Q. A factory is producing a new machine designed to reduce the amount of air pollution in houses. The machine was produced and sold to the public. After several months, reports show the machine is not working correctly.Which of these most likely caused this outcome?
    answer choices
    The proper cost analysis was not performed.
    The manufacturing of the machine was done over several months
    The prototype was not tested before use by the public
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