Create fast. Differentiate with ease.

Generate Quizzes and Lessons in seconds. Adapt your content quickly to support every student and learning style. Get instant data to identify skill gaps and give personalized practice recommendations.

What educators are saying

"AI integration allows for changing the question type, correcting grammatical errors & my personal favorite, replacing the question with a similar one - all generated by AI! Major teacher time-saver!"

Evan Mosier, Tech Innovator, Davenport Community Schools
"OMG! I can load any PDF document and the quizzes are autogenerated for me with the AI! This is a GAME CHANGER! Every teacher I work with would be blown away at the time saving of this in addition to how fun using Quizizz makes learning!"

Katherine Hurlbert, Instructional Technology Specialist, North East ISD, San Antonio
"It takes my boring questions and makes them more relevant and interesting. I really like how I can upload a pdf and have AI pull questions for me."

Trisha Sanchez, Leading Edge Academy
"I love how easy it is to convert what you are already [doing] using AI. The ability to change the language level would be really helpful for our English Language learners! The possibilities are endless."

Nikki Jones, Instructional Technology Coach, Chris Yung Elementary

How it works

  • To get started, create or log into your Quizizz account!
  • Create – Select ‘Create’ then ‘Quiz’ to make a new activity from a text prompt, weblink, or existing resource (.DOC, PDF, .PPT)
  • Enhance – Open up any existing Quiz, and select ‘Enhance with AI’. Choose the prompt or enhancement you want to use.
  • Analyze – Coming soon to schools and districts
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Create faster.  Adapt for everyone. Differentiate with ease.


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Make high-quality interactive quizzes in an instant
New curriculum? No problem. Upload your docs or PDFs, copy-paste text, or add links to public websites, and let Quizizz AI generate interactive quizzes more perfectly aligned to your content needs!
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Text to quiz

Prompt Quizizz AI or paste text to create quizzes

Upload a file

Seamlessly import and transform PDFs, DOCs, and PPTs

Paste a link

Generate quizzes from publicly accessible websites


Quickly adapt activities to every learning style or situationThis B2S, don’t reinvent the wheel, just refresh your activities with Quizizz AI to make them more accessible, relevant, and fun for all students.
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Fix grammar and errors
Convert to real world scenarios
Add similar questions
Simplify language
Change voice and tone


Coming soon for Schools & Districts
Get individualized insights to differentiate with easeLet Quizizz AI crunch the numbers to help analyze your student reports and assessments, identify skill gaps or misconceptions, and give personalized practice recommendations for every student.
Identify skill gaps
Give personalized recommendations
See why administrators love Quizizz for their teachers and students.

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We're doing AI differently

Educators = the experts. AI = the assistant.
Our AI is trained on GPT-4 – and on millions of teacher-created, classroom-tested activities. We know technology alone doesn’t change the world. Teachers do. That’s why Quizizz AI makes suggestions and leaves teachers in charge. Always.
Cracking the code on AI-powered personalized learning
While other edtech AI offers content creation alone, we’re tackling the biggest challenge in classrooms today: differentiating to meet the needs of students at different skill levels, especially those who face unique opportunity gaps.
A commitment to responsible, safe AI
Quizizz AI is only available for teacher use. No data is taken or given to our AI beyond what teachers choose to share to generate content. Student security and privacy remain our top priority.


What is Quizizz AI?

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How do I generate quiz questions from a Text block with Quizizz AI?

How do I then generate questions or quiz questions from a prompt?

How do I generate quiz questions from a document or file?

How do I generate quiz questions from a url or a YouTube link?

When should I use Quizizz AI Enhance?

What can Quizizz AI do?

How does Quizizz AI to generate questions and enhance questions?

What languages can Quizizz AI recognize and translate to? 

What are the best practices that I should apply to my use of Quizizz AI (beta)?

Why isn’t the AI working on my Quiz, prompt, document, url etc.?

How is Quizizz AI moderated to ensure safe use?

How is my data used?

When will Quizizz AI Analyze come out?

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