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  • 1. Open-ended
    30 seconds
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    1. A property manager always works in the best interest of which of the following parties? a. the owner or principal b. the lender or mortgagee c. the tenant or lessee d. the appraiser
  • 2. Open-ended
    30 seconds
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    2. A properly written property management agreement should include all of the following items EXCEPT? a. a description of the property manager's duties b. the method for determining the property manager's fee c. a statement as to the extent of the property manager's authority d. the operating budget for the property
  • 3. Open-ended
    30 seconds
    1 pt
    3. A property manager has a subtracted the losses for vacancies and collection losses from the scheduled gross rental income. The resulting figure is: a. net operating income b. gross effective income c. cash flow before tax d. operating expenses
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