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SPM Role Introduction


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
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    What is the right SPM Role Definition from the following options?

    Aimed for Suppliers of product developing and describing documentation, e.g. CAD data and drawings. We have the strategic responsibility regarding how to deliver and develop the product and describing documentation according to Volvo Cars Standards and requirements.

    The Purpose with the role is to pro-actively evaluate and manage the supplier manufacturing and logistics systems & related processes to eliminate all variability issues from suppliers (Quality and Delivery).

    Purchase of material,

    establish, maintain and develop a competitive supplier base in a long-term

    perspective and deliver products (value chains) according to target.

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    This is an activity for Early Phase for the SPM Role:

    Drive Escalation



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    This is an activity for Industrialization Phase for the SPM Role:

    Ownership Q&D

    Running Changes


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