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Health and Safety


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
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    Which of the following is the most important reason for including health and safety training in new staff inductions

    To reduce equipment damage in the workplace

    To follow the workplace procedures.

    To prevent accidents in the workplace

    To ensure all staff have the same opportunity

  • 2. Multiple Choice
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    Which one of the following statements best explains the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974?

    It places a duty on all employees to ensure all members of the general public are safe from harm.

    It secures the health and safety of employees when working with the general public and other companies

    It places a duty on employers to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all their employees at work.

    It secures health and safety for the general public after working hours.

  • 3. Multiple Choice
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    Who is responsible for the management of fires in the workplace

    Only the nominated fire officer(s) can use the fire extinguishers to tackle a fire

    Employees that are trained to identify the extinguisher to use for different classes of fire.

    Only employees that have undergone manual handling training can operate a fire extinguisher.

    A fire can be tackled by an employee or employer who has a health and safety role.

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