Human Impact on the Environment
3 years ago
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  • Question 1
    60 seconds
    Q. Wastes produced by agriculture, households, industry, mining, and other human activities can end up in ______________.
    answer choices
    streams and rivers
    All of these choices
  • Question 2
    60 seconds
    Q. About 97% of the water on Earth is ___________________.
    answer choices
    fresh water
    salt water
  • Question 3
    60 seconds
    Q. Increase in which gas is primarily responsible for increased global warming?
    answer choices
    Carbon dioxide
    Water vapor
    Nitric oxides
  • Question 4
    60 seconds
    Q. When fertilizers run off farmland into streams and ponds, the nitrogen content of the water increases. This can lead to rapid growth of algae in a process called eutrophication. How can this process affect other organisms in the water?
    answer choices
    Oxygen is used up as algae is decomposed, reducing the amount available to other organisms.
    The water becomes better able to support aerobic organisms.
    The algae provide food for fishes and other organisms, leading to decreased algae populations.
    The extra nitrogen provides additional food for the other organisms, increasing their population.
  • Question 5
    60 seconds
    Q. Which of the following historical events most likely triggered the largest increase in the human population? 
    answer choices
    the Black Death plague, which occurred in the mid-1300s
    the domestication of wheat crops, which began around 8000 B.C
    the fall of the Roman Empire, which occurred around A.D. 800
    the Industrial Revolution, which began in the late 1700s
  • Question 6
    60 seconds
    Q. largest number of individuals of a population that the environment can support  
    answer choices
    carrying capacity
    primary succession 
  • Question 7
    60 seconds
    Q. What is the most dramatic result of deforestation?
    answer choices
    land is no longer green and full of life
    pictures from space show deforestation
    loss of habitat for approximately 70% of the worlds species
    people can't explore rainforests
  • Question 8
    60 seconds
    Q. Which has the least negative impact on wildlife habitat?
    answer choices
  • Question 9
    60 seconds
    Q. Less rainfall in an area and higher temperatures could lead to ____________.
    answer choices
    higher pollution
  • Question 10
    60 seconds
    Q. What are some reasons deforestation occurs?
    answer choices
    clearing land for agriculture, ranching, and mining
    just wanting to destroy things
    Population moving from rural areas to cities
    to make room for infrastructure
  • Question 11
    60 seconds
    Q. The natural resources used by society are limited by various factors. Why is coal considered a nonrenewable resource?
    answer choices
    Once coal is used up, it can never be replaced.
    Coal is a nonrenewable resource, because it comes from the impact of meteors with the Earth
    Coal was a renewable resource, until it was mismanaged by humans
    Coal is considered a nonrenewable resource, because it takes millions of years to form
  • Question 12
    60 seconds
    Q. Fossil fuels are an important natural resource used by society. Which of the following best describes fossil fuels?
    answer choices
    They are any liquid fuel derived from once-living matter.
    They are organic fuels derived from ancient plants and animals.
    They are fuels in which dinosaur fossils are commonly found.
    They are naturally occurring inorganic fuels like coal and petroleum.
  • Question 13
    60 seconds
    Q. Carbon is released into the atmosphere through all of the following ways except:
    answer choices
    cow flatulence
    all of the above
  • Question 14
    60 seconds
    Q. Wind is a __________ energy resource.
    answer choices
  • Question 15
    60 seconds
    Q. In the U.S., laws enacted from the 1780's to the late 1800's reflected the perception that
    answer choices
    the amount of land and natural resources in the west was endless.
    the natural resources of the west could be used up and required legal protection.
    Americans were living amid dirtier air, dirtier water, and more waste and toxic chemicals.
    a sustainable future should be a primary goal.
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