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Using Quizizz for Distance Learning
Students ALWAYS see questions on their own screen.
No stressing about whether everyone joined your video conference.
Bring people together (apart) with live quizzes and polls.
Build community and keep everyone engaged—even if you’re not in the same place!
Assign quizzes and engage families on their own time.
Create student-paced assignments, share flashcards, and get families involved too.
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For teachers
For students
Never grade another worksheet
Pick the perfect quiz or create your own
Choose from millions of free teacher-created quizzes or quickly make your own.
Students engage at their own pace
Play a Live Game together or use Homework Mode. Students use any device and progress independently.
Put feedback to work, no grading required
Students have a blast, we do the grading, and you see what they know now and where you'll take them next.
Save time using your favorite tools
“…I used Quizizz in every unit. They have the best google classroom integration of all EdTech tools.”
David E. Norman
Clovis High, Fresno, CA
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