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Live Engagement
Assessment and eLearning
Insights and Reporting
Live quizzes, polls, and interactive presentations
  • Choose between presenter-led and self-paced live learning experiences.
  • Engage with leaderboards, points, and powerups built to educate and entertain.
  • Remote friendly—participants see content on their own devices.
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Participants join from any device— no signups or downloads needed.
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Customize your question types, settings, branding and more.
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Manage who can see and access your learning content.

Interactive Presentations

Focus on one question at a time and review results together.
Add slides, video, and more
Explore new ways to introduce concepts and engage your audience.
Remote friendly
Make sure everyone can participate by mirroring content on participant devices.
Getting started is free and easy
Add quiz and poll questions.
Participants engage from any device.
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