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February 8, 2024

TCEA 2024: Resource Rewind

Dig in on this hefty haul of conference materials to use back in your classroom today!

Excitement at the TCEA 2024 Quizizz booth. Photo collage courtesy of Kyle Niemis

TCEA 2024 was a BLAST, but now it’s time to head home and test drive all the cool new tools!

What’s that? You didn’t attend? … Or what about you? Made it, but missed some must-see sessions?

Well you’re in luck!

Here's a special delivery of edtech souveniers, starting with the most buzzworthy updates on Quizizz AI:

For those who weren't in-the-know about Quizizz AI yet, here's what we've been cooking up since back-to-school season:

If this is old news to you, no problem! Check out this 90-second video to take a deeper dive on how Quizizz AI helps teachers create fast and differentiate with ease!

Like what you see? Find even more resources on, Twitter, and YouTube.

For more from TCEA, get ready to level up your lesson plans using this virtual goody bag of conference resources, courtesy of edtech extraordinaires, Laurie Guyon and Janet Corder.

Laurie's Wakelet of 40+ stunning resources helps circle back on valuable sessions!
Janet's frills-free Doc gets right to the point and includes links to key handouts, Padlets, and more! 

Many thanks to Laurie Guyon and Janet Corder for taking the time to gather these materials.

To all of you hardworking educators, best of luck using these new tips and tools in your teaching routines!

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