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Natural Resources review


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
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    Many new technologies exist for extracting coal, and all of them manifest themselves differently upon the environment. Which technique is the most landscape altering manifestation of humanity's search for coal?




    offshore excavation

  • 2. Multiple Choice
    2 minutes
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    When it comes to environmental issues, each individual on the planet is a part of the problem and can be a part of the solution.  Sustainability is possible when society, economy, and environment are in balance.  Which practice would not eventually contribute to sustainability?

    practicing water conservation by taking shorter showers and installing a low-flow shower head

    purchasing products made from ecologically friendly materials harvested in a sustainable manner 

    buying only local produce, or going a step farther and growing vegetables in a backyard garden 

    supporting companies that transport food products from foreign countries in order to keep food costs low

  • 3. Multiple Choice
    2 minutes
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    A local environmentalist group in Small Town, Idaho, has asked the town mayor to look into building a solar panel complex to supply the town's energy needs. What should be the first thing the mayor should find out if the mayor is going to proceed in building this solar panel complex?

    How much will the solar panel complex cost?

    How much sun does the town get on an annual basis?

    How will this affect the mayor's re-election chances in the next election?

    How many people actually want the solar panel complex?

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