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  • 1. Open-ended
    30 seconds
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    A client enters the emergency department complaining of acute lower right quadrant abdominal pain. It is determined that the client has appendicitis and is scheduled to go to the operating room immediately. The nurse notes on the database that the client generally drinks 10 to 12 beers a day, although he did not drink in the past 4 days because of the pain. The nurse would expect that the: A. client's surgery would be canceled because of the threat of a withdrawal reaction. B. client's surgery would proceed with no change in the plan of care. C. client would require a greater level of anesthesia as a result of cross-tolerance. D. client would need less anesthesia because of the circulating blood alcohol.
  • 2. Open-ended
    30 seconds
    1 pt
    A client expresses the desire to quit smoking. She elects to use Nicorette gum replacement therapy. Which statement by the nurse is true regarding this smoking cessation technique? A. "You should not eat or drink for 15 minutes before or after chewing the gum." B. "You may experience a skin rash as a result of this treatment." C. "Using a nicotine replacement system will decrease the risk of cancer." D. "The gum will take away the craving to smoke."
  • 3. Open-ended
    30 seconds
    1 pt
    A client hospitalized with a fractured femur following an automobile accident develops diarrhea and vomiting with abdominal cramps, chills with goose bumps, and dilated pupils. The nurse suspects the client is experiencing which reaction? A. Opioid withdrawal B. Alcohol toxicity C. Flashbacks from psychedelic episode D. Barbiturate Withdrawal
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