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  • 1. Open Ended
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    Instrument flight rule (IFR) approaches at airports, helipads, and designated landing zones are certified by the: • commission of air medical transport systems (CAMTS) • federal aviation administration (FAA) • occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) • national EMS pilot association (NEMSPA)
  • 2. Open Ended
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    At 6 PM on a busy rotator-wing flight shift you receive a request for an interfacility transport of a critical ill patient. The requesting hospital is 186 miles (299 km) distance, and will require approximately 90 minutes of flight time to get to the patient. The pilot shift change is at 7 PM which of the following is your best option? • delay the flight until the night pilot is available or turn the flight over to another service. • decline the flight, because the pilot will not have enough duty time to complete the round trip. • accept the flight, because the trip down can be accomplished under FAR Part 91. • decline the flight, because it is unsafe for a rotor-wing crew to travel beyond 180 miles (299 km).
  • 3. Open Ended
    30 seconds
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    What mode of transport is optimal for a patient being transported 236 miles? • ground CCT unit • fixed wing aircraft • VFR rotor wing aircraft • IFR rotor-wing aircraft
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