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HVACR System Installation and Start-Up Residential Unit 10


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  • 1. Open Ended
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    When charging a refrigeration system with a near-azeotropic mixture, what must be done to prevent liquid from entering the system?
  • 2. Open Ended
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    The factory charge in a split system, using R-22, shows 6 lb. 8 oz. in the outdoor condensing unit and 2 oz. in the evaporator. The 3/8" liquid line contains 0.48 oz. per foot and the 7/8" suction line contains 0.10 oz. per foot. The refrigerant lines are 30' long. What is the correct refrigerant charge for this system?
  • 3. Open Ended
    30 seconds
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    If the tank is a reusable tank, there are no check valves and system refrigerant can enter the tank as long as the system pressure is higher than the pressure in the tank.
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