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Declaration of Independence


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
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    Which argument most logically follows from Jefferson’s expressed ideas in the Declaration of Independence?

    The rights of men should be supported over those of women.

    Monarchy is a bad form of government because rulers are not elected.

    All forms of government destroy human rights and should be abandoned.

    Any form of government that suppresses people’s freedoms should be overthrown

  • 2. Multiple Choice
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    According to the Declaration of Independence, which of the following statements are among the reasons the colonies determined to break away from British rule? Choose three options.

    The majority of Americans were not ethnically or culturally British

    Britain was guilty of many recent abuses of its power in the colonies.

    The American and British armies had already clashed on the battlefield.

    Britain interfered with the operation of the legislatures in the various colonies

    The American colonies did not wish to maintain any of the customs associated with being British

  • 3. Multiple Choice
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    Whom would most likely demonstrate "tyranny?"

    a rebel

    a dictator

    a member

    a challenger

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