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CSR2 Best Practices: Process Calibration


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    What should we advise the client if they are waiting for a refund and their original payment method (card) has been closed.

    They will receive a check.

    The refund will still go to the account (not the card) they originally paid with.

    They will not receive the refund.

    Advise them that operation support will reach out via email with a resolution.

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    Why can't a client use the QR Code (paperless return) at UPS Dropoff locations?

    That's the policy.

    The QR Code process is not available at all UPS Locations.

    There is no UPS representative there to box the items,Print the label, and ship the package.

    The client can only take it to the location near them.

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    When a clients order is Returned to Sender without them requesting it and it has reached back to the Distribution center. What is the correct process to follow?

    Submit a refund status inquiry, mark it do not refund, and send a replacement to the client.

    Advise the client to reach out to UPS.

    Advise the client that because the order has reached the distribution center a refund will be issued and they will need to reorder. Also offer boxes to cover rewards lost if needed.

    Submit a missing order tracer.

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