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  • 1. Multiple-choice
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    Can companies increase their effectiveness by hiring a diverse group of people?

    Not true, diversity is great but there is no evidence related to effectiveness

    Yes, the organisation will perform better and be more effective when hiring a diverse workforce

    Yes, but only if the organization is learning and adapting from the underrepresented ‘identity groups” experience and knowledge

    Yes, in specific industries diversity has a major impact on company effectiveness

  • 2. Multiple-choice
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    Which statement is true about a diverse workforce?

    A diverse team will have richer discussions and a better decision-making process simply because it is diverse

    Diverse teams realize performance benefits when team members learn from their differences rather than marginalize or deny them

    People from underrepresented groups feel that they belong in the organization when the company’s diversity statements emphasize the economic payoffs

    Having people from various identity groups improves the organisation’s financial performance

  • 3. Multiple-choice
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    For diversity to make companies more effective, there needs to be a learning-and-effectiveness approach. The approach means that…

    Those in charge should build trust by setting a tone of honest discourse and getting comfortable with vulnerability—one’s own and others’

    Leaders need to take concrete measures to combat forms of discrimination and subordination that inhibit employees’ ability to thrive.

    Leaders and managers need to take action to understand how organizational norms might implicitly discourage certain behavioral styles or silence certain voices.

    Leaders should encourage—and draw lessons from—open discussions about how identity groups shape employees’ experiences inside and outside the organization.

    All of the above

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