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Chapter 1: Intro to Professional Ethics


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  • 1. Multiple Choice
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    A counseling code of ethics is generally created by a

    counselor based on their clinical experience

    counseling agency or school district

    state or county government

    mental health professional organization

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    Codes of ethics can

    offer resources to help you understand the issues underlying the ethical decisions in your profession

    provide a blueprint to deal with all of the ethical challenges you will encounter

    serve as "cookbooks" for responsible professional behavior, with "recipes" for ethical decisions

    be a handy shortcut in place of an active, deliberative, and creative ethical decision-making approach

  • 3. Multiple Choice
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    The primary purpose of all codes of ethics is

    to prevent legal action against a counselor

    to safeguard the welfare of clients

    to provide job security to university ethics professors

    to harmonize the needs of professionals with those of their clients

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