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The future of agriculture


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  • 1. Multiple-choice
    45 seconds
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    Select the reasons why it is necessary to rethink the way we practice agriculture.

    Currently agriculture contributes significantly to global warming

    Current agricultural practices can produce more than enough food to feed the projected human population of 11 billion in 2050

    Currently agriculture protects natural habitats

    Currently agriculture is causing aquatic and terrestrial habitat destruction

    It currently contributes significantly to water pollution

  • 2. Multiple-choice
    30 seconds
    1 pt

    Which of the following is an undesirable impact of modern agriculture?

    Increased mechanization

    Increased food production


    Effective pest control

    Reduced manual labour

  • 3. Multiple-choice
    45 seconds
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    Since agriculture contributes significantly to environmental degradation and climate change, agricultural practices need to be revisited. What are some requirements of agriculture in the future: (select all that apply).

    Smaller areas of land used for farming

    Increased food production

    Monoculture farm expansion

    Reduced livestock farming

    Increased agrochemical use

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