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What is empathy?

answer choices

Acting in a kind way towards others

Feeling sorry for another person

Understanding and sharing the feelings of another person.



The four empathy subskills are

answer choices

Listen, understand, trust, share

Pause, listen, identify emotions, connect

Pause, speak, explain, listen

Speak, hear, summarise, predict


When we pause we

answer choices

withhold judgement

stop listening

ignore others

make a decision about how the other person is feeling


We should listen to

answer choices

pretend that we care about someone

prepare for what we want to say

respond rather than listening to understand

understand rather than listening to respond


To understand what someone else is feeling we should

answer choices

think about how we are feeling

look at their verbal and non-verbal actions, words and expressions

look at their face and hands

expect that they would feel the same way we would in a particular situation


Can you connect with someone if you hold different views to them?

answer choices

no, there is no point in trying

yes, by trying to understand why they feel the way they do

only if you can convince them that your view is right

only if you can win an argument with them


The following is a list of emotions

answer choices

frown, smile, clap

shouting, crying, smiling

clever, funny, loud

anxious, determined, concerned


Miguel's parents tried to stop him playing the guitar because

answer choices

they were worried about his future

they wanted to control him

they didn't like the way he played

they were mean

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